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So we are on week 3 of a 10k program and todays run was a tempo run of 5 mins, 1 min walking and repeat 4 times. I had looked up what our pace should roughly be (9.5 min mile) but how do you guys actually stick to a pace? We were up and down on that speed the whike time and found it hard to keep steady, especially on downward slopes etc. Just wondering is it something that comes with practice?

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  • My watch can show pace ( forerunner 10 ) and can also be set to beep when you go off it, although if you miss a beep and keep at the wrong pace it doesn't keep beeping so you just run either too fast or too slow. I'm rubbish at self regulating my pace, so can't offer any help on that front !

  • Hmm, I have a Garmin 10 but didnt know you could set it to beep at you lol! Will dig out the manual again. Fortunately there are only 2 more tempo runs on the 8 week program so I think we will just run at little bit faster for those and not worry about what the actual pace should be! Thanks for your reply x

  • Hi, I Youtubed the instructions - dead easy to follow :)

  • Same as Terrorun, my Garmin shows my pace. We're supposed to get better at gauging it ourselves the more we run, but after three years I still haven't mastered it!

    My best measurement is my breathing. If I'm panting I'm going too fast and if I'm hardly aware of my breathing I'm probably going too slowly.

  • Lol, like the idea that if I am panting I am definitely way off pace - thats an easier way to think about it! Thank you x

  • If you use audiofuel (running music)you end up sticking to the same pace because the beats are designed to actually set the pace. I've used it a lot but currently need something else to listen to as I'm getting bored!

  • I haven't heard about audio fuel. That sounds interesting. I might end up just dancing round the park lol!

  • I agree with O'HRH IP, that you will in time learn to read your body's response to your pace, but like her, three years on it is still a very imprecise art. I run with both a GPS watch and Runkeeper on my phone. My watch can tell me current pace, but I can't read it while running, so rely on Annabelle Runkeeper Smythe to inform me of current pace every ten minutes and at the end of every kilometre. These time and distance intervals can be adjusted to suit your workouts.

  • Lol, I can't read my watch either when I am running - it's all a bit of a faff. We are going by how out of breath we are which so far means we are far too fast and dying lol! It's a work in progress. It also doesn't help when we do stops to pet very cute puppies in the park...has to be done!

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