Full belly run 😳!

Full belly run 😳!

I intended to do a usual early empty tummy run which is my preference but I was so tired, I had a lie in. It was then a busy morning - on a short course followed by lunch with a friend. I had chips, chicken breast and a rack of ribs and followed that with a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. By the time I got home it was dusky and I even thought about running tomorrow instead. However, I went out and it didn't feel amazing but I did what I thought was a steady 10k. Couldn't believe it, when I checked, it was my fastest so far - in 1 HR 11 mins (average pace of 7.06 mins per km.. how did I do that on such a bloated tummy? Still, happy my pace is growing naturally without trying. Have you ever had a surprise when running?

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  • How long was it after lunch that you ran? I couldn't run after all that, but well done on improving your time !!

  • A couple of hours, don't worry!! It was either run. I work don't run so I went for it. My usual preference is a before breakfast empty tummy run

  • I generally find I'm quicker in the afternoon, even when I've felt slower...

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