Very strong winds, mini bus door and bad timing = bump on head and sore back - whoops!

Won't go into whole story but I am on IC! I am ok, doc at hospital gave me a thorough check and sent me home with a bag full of tablets! Rather annoyed because I was all set to complete the runs in ju-ju- 's 10k challenge over the next few days :( not feeling too sore this morning so hopefully a quick recovery!

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  • Ouch! That sounds very unpleasant and like very bad luck. Hope the tablets will work their magic and you'll be back to feeling good again real soon.

  • Thank you, yes tablets did the trick and I had a good night's sleep!

  • Get well soon.

  • Thank you!

  • Ow - hope you heal quickly! I'm sure you'll catch up on the challenge! The main thing is to get better.

  • Thank you, I am improving and not much pain, in fact sitting for too long seems to be worst thing so hopefully will manage the short run of ju-ju's challenge in a few days. :)

  • Ouch poor you... here is wishing you a very speedy recovery...

  • Thanks Ju ju - I'm determined to keep up with everyone in your 10k challenge! Having to rest has given me a chance to catch up on posts and it is nice to hear how folks are doing.

  • Bad minibus door - naughty step for you!

    Glad the doc found you good to go. Hope you're back to normal soon. x

  • Ha, ha - bad wind! Not sure about the naughty step not being able to run is punishment enough! ;) Thanks for your good wishes.

  • Oh dear! Take it easy. The runs will still be there when you get back.

  • Sue.. that is horrid. Poor you, but really glad you are alright-ish!

    Just get better slowly and steadily... hope you are not rushing round with your B & B currently! :)

  • Thanks OldFloss, yes it was a shock, knocked me right off my feet! But could have been much worse, got off lightly really. We are in decorating season here at the B&B. Hubby is busy painting and putting wallpaper up. I did do some painting last week so don't feel too guilty! ;)

  • Hi, get well soon Sue.

    I hope you get back on the trails again soon.

    All the best.

  • Hi, thank you for your best wishes. I actually managed a slow jog in the snow today, bit sore but otherwise ok. It was great to be out there again!

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