Mind over Matter

Still really struggling with my running at the moment last 2 runs have been about 2.5k running a 1 km back faster, trying to shake things up ... where before the cold, wind and rain didn't stop me, they are now barriers to over come, where twinges may have slowed me, those twinges become pains in my mind the gremlins have become major demons

I will keep trying different things and getting out there , running has given me so much :) I will not give in !!

I am sure most of this is in my mind as physically I am fine , I know what I want to do and need to do but just can't seem to get there for now..

I am if nothing determined !! ( read stubborn old bugger)

I am may not be around as much as I usually am but I am dropping in from time to time and hopefully with more positive pots in the future ..

Keep safe everyone :)

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  • Sorry to hear you're still struggling Rob. It really does sound like a mind challenge doesn't it? Have you tried reading a running magazine or book for some inspiration? I always find after reading about running I can't wait to get out again! Or treat yourself to some new running gear?

    Sorry I haven't any other suggestions but at least you are still running which is something at this time of year. Be kind to yourself and don't fret. You'll find the mojo again.

  • Thanks IP , I only have to read about others are doing here or on FB and feel inspired to want to run.. the hardest bit is when I am out there , I know I can dam well do it ! I will beat those demons !

    I am hoping it is just a phase that will right itself with time :)

  • Rob

    an old joke ( from Grouch Marx) I think?

    Patient says to Doctor - it hurts when I hit my head against the wall.

    Doctor says to patient- well stop hitting your head against the wall.

    So - perhaps the answer for you is not to stop running - but to do it in some way that you "enjoy". Launching ourselves out of our comfort zones is hard work!!!! Reducing the mind aspect of that could make it easier for you?

  • Thanks Bazza I hear what you are saying :)

  • I so hear what you are saying, I have had my moments like that too and I had to take it back to basics and like you, I stayed away for a bit. I now am on full throttle and I know you will be soon too...my advice is to have absolutely NO expectation, and if you do run only do routes you love and distances that are comfy.... That's what got me back.... Take care Rob

  • Thank you juicy I really appreciate your comments :) you take care also

  • Oh this is such a sad post, not_so_slow_rob. You fought your way back from injury so valiantly and you were a real inspiration to me when I was recovering for my accident, so it's sad to hear you sounding so troubled.

    I have two suggestions for you to help defeat the gremlins. Firstly, don't stop reading the c25k forum. Rather,read it more! When I was injured, reading the forum and offering the odd bit of advice kept me connected to running and ensured I continued to think of myself as a runner. You have a huge wealth of running experience that you should share with new runners. Just think, what you say could make the difference between success and injury for someone.

    Secondly, I know you've been there before, but why not hook up with Laura again and redo the whole programme from scratch. You need to rebuild your confidence and that sounds to me like that will come in 2 parts -a) knowing you can definitely complete all the runs you attempt and b) building up your strength so that you can safely ignore the twinges. Both Spikymoss and I found that repeating the programme has made us better, stronger and faster runners than we were first time around.

    Give it some thought Sweetie and please please keep posting how you're getting on so we know you're ok. xx

  • Such a good idea, and also try the + podcasts, they carry you along...

  • Oh Rob , big hugs (((( ))) I was just wondering the other day that you hadn't seemed to have posted for a while . I am so sorry to hear that you're struggling .

    You are a very valuable , supportive member of this community and I echo Mums advice . Please keep posting as I know this forum can help so much with motivation and focus .

    Do you think at the back of your mind you're worried about your injury recurring ? Just a thought .

    Please keep posting , just to let us know how you're going on and I hope between us all we can help you get the love back .

    Take care :-) xxxx

  • hi poppy :) as always you are so kind :) xxxx

    I think the injury is playing apart ,maybe a little of my age too ! I am, sure with time I will come through this ... and with everyones wonderful support here :)

    I am very touched by that :D

    I this old dog wont lay down just yet :D

    Hugs to you poppy :D xxxx

  • Yes Rob , they will have to carry us both kicking and screaming to the knackers yard ! :-)

    Are you in pain when you run at all ?

    Please keep us posted, you will beat this Rob, I know you will :-) xxx

  • I.Ll be lucky to get to the knackers yard haha.

    No real pains . This is more of a mental thing ... something has snuck in and got it's claws dug in ..

    Have to gird my loins and get fighting !


  • Aw you can do it Rob, keep on trucking baby ! :-) xxx

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