Should I be on the injury couch?

Over the last couple of days I've been experiencing a niggle in my achilles tendon, and this morning it's quite sore. Started off painful this morning, but now I'm up and about it's just niggling again. I've decided to give myself an extra rest day as I did my first B210k run on Monday, but I'm not sure if I need to do something more, or if I'm just a stiff old woman.

I'm absolutely itching to run, so being on the injury couch is going to be a tough one for me.

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  • Goggle eccentric heel drops, that's what every one here swears by. And Epsom salts baths...I had an Achilles problem last year, it was more than a niggle, and no way could I run. It still grumbles a bit sometimes...I find picking my heels up helps a bit, and check if your shoes are getting a bit tired and worn. I'd say you'll know the difference, you're an experienced runner, but if in doubt stay on the couch.

  • This.

    Look after yourself.

  • I started doing some heel drops a couple of days ago. Might see if I can get some Epsom Salts. Thanks Curlygurly2 .

  • Hi Razouski

    Maybe just give yourself a day or two off from running for now and try some low impact exercise like swimming or yoga? Try a parkrun on Sat and then see how you feel, if its worse give yourself a week off running and take it from there. - Don't mess with the achilles :)

  • Thanks DiveMonkey , I usually go to the gym and swim on my rest days, so will probably do that this afternoon and tomorrow.

    I've also applied some tiger balm, much to the disgust of my other half and daughter - they hate the smell.

  • Just listen to it.. I had a niggle.. and in the end got a heel support for a while..Epsom salts wonderful!

    See how you go..but don't ignore real pain.. you will know what that is :)x

  • Thanks Oldfloss , I may look into getting a heel support, but have taken it easy today. Will see how it goes over the next couple of days.

  • I had some Achilles issues a while back and it is a difficult area not least because of reduced blood flow (it is furthest from the heart) which makes it amongst the slowest to heal.

    After two weeks of persistent niggles, I took a full 10 days off until it felt 100% and haven't had a problem since.

    Better safe than sorry, in my book.

  • Yes, restup, you only graduated c25k not long ago, so maybe your trying to do too much too soon & too fast! So ease up!😊

  • Ok, will do. Another rest day tomorrow then. :-)

  • As someone who's been dealing with an Achilles niggle for the last 18 months (it goes away when I rest completely and then comes back very quickly when I start to run again) I totally agree with what has been said about eccentric heel drops and rest.

    Also, your muscles and tendons relax when you sleep, so if you have an Achilles problem it's quite common for it to be worst in the morning when you're getting up and then quickly feeling better as you start to walk around (because that stretches the tendon again).

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