Holiday running motivation

Holiday  running motivation

Just finishing a lively week in the sunshine with my wife kids and future son in law. Beth (23) is running the Tarpley 10 (that's 10 miles!) with me at the end of Feb which will be our longest run to date. We've been out running along the beach path from San Agustin to maspolamas a few times and today we had to complete our longest run so far of 50 minutes, we'll I was having such a good run I didn't tell Beth when we passed 50, she asked when we were at 55mins and 7.5km so we agreed let's go for the 8km. What a great morning run on our last day of holiday. We weren't meant to do 8km until next Sunday. One thing I've found out in the hotel gym yesterday (yes I know.. Gym.. Holiday.. Wth) is that my right quad is half the strength of my left so I need to do leg extentions individually, it's handy having my son in law here as he's a strength and conditioning coach, I also partook in a massage at the spa which was agony! I asked her to concentrate on my legs.. She used a flipping pastry roller! Blooming man hater!

Anyway from not being able to run 100m a year ago I'm definately feeling the joy of running, will be applying for my 10k badge soon. Paul

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  • Oh my goodness plus 22 degrees! If only, minus 11 here. Lovely photo and well done Beth and Paul. That 10 miler is well within your grasp now.

  • Brilliant! What a way to end your holidays! I did my first 10 miler in October - you will love it! Good luck to both of you!πŸ™‚

  • Hi Paul, fab photo of you both, well done on that 8k, great time too. You'll be more than ready for that 10 miler......I've heard of the Tarpley 10, that's not far from me.............looks like a good one.......hope you enjoy it, I promise you the training is the hardest bit!


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