IC or run over festive period?

I am so torn! As you know from my previous posts I have had hip flexor issues in my right leg but these are improved with exercises. I also have sacroiliac joint pain on my right which gets worse when I sit or lie in bed (it's like I stiffen up). It has slightly improved with exercises. I have run with it last week but probably went a bit mad as I did a 5k pb whilst doing a 7.5k run and had a dull ache all the way round and it was painful for 2 days after. I wonder if I should do a couple of slower 5k runs over the holidays if I can sneak out without the kids. Or should I take the time on the IC until the kids go back to school next week? I would like to do the 10k training on here that starts in the new year. Oh what to do..........especially with all these festive run posts on here...

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  • I think I'd rest up and start when the kids go back. I had a hip flexor injury in the summer and had to take 3 months off! Be warned!

  • How did you fix your hip flexor issues? I am doing some stretches at the moment and it is improving slowly. I don't want to spend too long on the IC but not sure if it needs gentle running or rest?

  • Will be watching the replies to this with great interest...

  • I went to the physio, spent an inordinate amount of money, but I think what did the trick in all honesty was not running for 3 months. She had me doing stretches and pummelled me on a weekly basis which left me with some extremely exciting bruises.

    She had no idea how I did it. I had no idea how I did it. It was a complete mystery, except to say that when I initially felt the pain I hoped it would go away and tried to keep running - big mistake, hence my dire words of warning earlier!!! After a couple of weeks it got so bad I couldn't even drive without difficulty because of lifting my left leg up and down for the clutch pedal.

    However, after not running all summer I started again in October and it's been fine since.

    If something hurts, listen to your body is all I'm saying. Some people are lucky and their niggles are just that, I wasn't so lucky, and there are lots of members of this forum who have made the same mistake as me and thought they would be fine, and ended up on the IC for ages.

    I shall stop being the Voice Of Doom now! Sorry if I spoilt anyone's evening!

  • Thank you for your honest reply. I am trying to avoid expensive treatments etc but will keep that in mind! I have no idea why it is happening either except I have been increasing distance but my pace has been the same. Perhaps I need to slow up a bit.......I will take it gingerly and take a rest over this week.

  • My distances had crept up a bit, but nothing spectacular. I think it was just one of those things, and it made me realise that I am actually human and NOT superwoman. Whoever would've thought it? Rats.

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