Gutted, I think I am on the IC

I had a lovely 8k, 9k or 10k route mapped out for today, depending on how I felt after 7k as to which direction I went for my final distance. The weather is great, kids in school and my day off from work so everything set. BUT I have woken up with sacral iliac joint pain in my back and down my right leg, arghh. No idea why it has occurred and not sure if I can or should run today. I am gutted. Anyone have experience of this and how to fix it please?

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  • Sorry, can't help. I had to Google it.... it sounds awful, hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear this , I really wouldn't run today , you probably need to rest it . There is some advice on here , might be worth a read . I would definitely seek medical advice though if it doesn't improve after a couple of days rest .

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Thank you Poppypug, I will attempt those stretches today! It is such a pain

  • You could always try to run and see if the pain recurs. Obviously you'd have to stop if it does. I get sciatica and have various back exercises I do, including the semi-supine Alexander technique position, and the low-back exercises on the NHS Livewell pages. So maybe try something like this before you head out. Is this a problem you've had before, if so what have you been advised in the past? If you're in constant pain with it then this is definitely something you'd need professional advice on. Good luck and let us know how you get on :)

  • Only you can tell whether it's "oh my gawd"-pain or "this is a bit of a bummer"-ache. If it's pain, then don't run. If it's an ache, then maybe try gently to see how it goes.

    Remember that the first rule of running always is: Don't jeopardise your next run. So don't be "brave" and mess things up worse so you end up being on the couch for weeks and weeks.

  • Wise words there I think. It is a shooting pain when I get up from sitting or lying down (or even rolling over in bed). It actually feels stiff today so I feel like an old person walking around. I have conceded defeat and will not run today, boohoo.

  • Sounds like a wise decision. Hope you feel better soon :)

  • My wife slinky has suffered with sciatica with bad pain down left leg, although she's not running at the moment due to recent operation, but while she was she didn't have any sciatica attacks and nothing since. Has the pain eased as the days gone on? Hope you can run soon!😊

  • I think it has got better and I have got more mobile during the day with stretches. Just hope I don't start stiffening up tonight while I sleep. Such a wasted running day.

  • I occasionally wake up with lower back ache, then get up and have a touch of plantar in the foot, but goes off as I start moving about during the morning, and feel low most mornings, but luckily up towards midday, am OK to run by the time I want to go out running... laying down sleeping seems to cause problems, sometimes in the back of my mind I don't like going to bed but we have to get our sleep.

  • I love my sleep and try to get lots of it! Will see tonight if it gets worse again. It came on last night and I struggled just to roll over! I may try to get out this weekend if it improves.

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