All down hill from here!

All down hill from here!

No internet for over a week and busy at work so posting this run report a couple of weeks late!

Beginning of December and a beautiful day here in the Highlands - dry, sunny, not too cold, hardly any wind and no ice. Perfect day for a run! So I ask hubby to drop me off in the car so I could run back home along the single track mountain road. Wonderful views.....just glorious and if I hadn't started Couch25K I probably would never have walked, let alone run along this road! I haven't been able to run three times a week regularly for a while now so found some of the run hard work and for some reason developed blisters in the same place on both feet, but was determined to keep going. The photo is at about 7k and it was downhill from there to home! Finally reached home - 11.15km in 1hour 20 mins and feeling very pleased (but with sore feet!). Looking forward to new shoes in the January sales.......

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  • Wow, what a gorgeous running location. It sounds like this was one of those runs (weather, location, feeling of joy) that makes the sometimes hard slug worth it all.

    Hope Santa or January brings nice new shoes.

  • Yes - joyful!

  • Is that where you live ? Cor, its absolutely beautiful !

    That's an excellent run you did there, Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you, yes amazing place to run but hard to find any flatish routes!!

  • That looks so pretty. Well done on your run 😊

  • Thank you, it was great.

  • Wow that is simply stunning! What a beautiful location! Hope Santa brings you many running goodies and you find a great pair of running shoes! Great run too! πŸ˜€

  • Looks amazing. Hope Father Christmas brings you a good pair of running socks! πŸŽ…

  • Ahh, yes will look at those when I go for a gait analysis!

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