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Bridge to 10K
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Week 1 Day 1

Wow, that feels weird to say again after the C25K programme!

Anyway, first run completed last night.

I absolutely grudge paying the money for the app for the Bridge to 10K programme, so I came across this app, which I would recommend:


All it does is beep at you when it's time to stop/start running. You can play your normal music and it beeps over the top of it. Very simple and basic, but worked fine for me, and free!

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The one from here is free Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k. it's brill☺


I have tried getting that one misswobble but I can never get hold of it!


It's hereabouts, in a Dropbox file. Should be listed in the Stickies. If not, we'll have a rummage.

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