10k Parkanaur race done!

10k Parkanaur race done!

Parkanaur 10k done this morning in 1:02:14. Was tougher than I thought and my running buddy didnt make it due to illness, but the atmosphere made up for it. A couple of wee hills, (who puts these at the end of a race) but the rest was flat and all on trails around the forest. Managed to pace myself behind two elves from a local running club who lost Santa on the way round. Slightly surreal and I can still hear the jingle of their bells ringing in my ears! Going to take afew days off now to let my achilles recover.

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  • Brilliant. Lovely photos. Lots of purple, which I love.

    Congratulations and I hope your Achilles gets better quicksmart. x

  • Thank you, and the whole purple thing was accidental. Bought the shoes two months ago as I didnt own any trail ones, the socks I bought last week and they only had that colour and then it turned out the t shirt was purple too. Just as well its one of my fav colours x

  • Well done may I ask what 10k plan you use

  • Hi, I used one from runningbug.com which was fine but I liked the one you posted better so if I was doing it again I think I would follow yours!

  • Well done! Great time and looks like a lovely setting 😊

  • Well done! Hope you Achilles recovers quickly 😺 Happy running πŸ‘Ÿ

  • I was there too! Wee hills? Seriously! They were shocking and as you say - right at the end of the race! :) I refused to walk though - although you could barely call what I was doing running! Lovely location though and well marshalled. I do like the t-shirt! I believe that the elves were from Portadown. :)

  • Aww I Mcgurranhouse wish I had known, I would have made a point of saying hi! Your reply made me smile, you are right, they werent wee hills, they were horrible ones that they made you run twice. One that went on forever, made your thighs burn and grit your teeth to get up (I refused to walk it too) and one half way round that required a marshall to keep shouting "pump your arms and power up it" which resulted in wanting to collapse at the top lol! The Portadown elves were awesome ladies. They just ran and chatted away to each other while I puffed along behind them. We defintely earned that purple t shirt. Do you do all the Runher ones? I havent done the Coastal one, but heard its hilly lol?

  • That is only my second one - I did the Titanic 5k last year - dull! The closest thing to a hill was an empty crisp packet on the ground! I like a happy medium. :) Those ladies were Kernan Running Club - a lovely bubbly bunch. In fact if you look at their group photo, we joined in because we all do the same Parkrun - I am at the top right hand corner of the photo!

  • Its a pity I didnt live closer, I would definitely have joinned their club - they were lovely. I did the Titanic 5k too and not a hill in sight. Couldnt say the same for Stormont lol. Maybe I will see you at one of them in the future now I know what you look like! Am thinking of doing Larne or Lisburn Half next year.

  • I hear a lot of people recommending Larne but Lisburn always seems to be very warm. My husband did Lisburn in 2:14 but managed to do Belfast with me in 2:03! I was considering Larne because so many people talk about it. Who knows! I am also hoping to do Dublin!!!!! :)

  • well done and great photos :)

  • Excellent time , Really Well done !

    The photos are great , Purple Haze, love it ! :-) xxx

  • Well done! Love the colour of those socks/t-shirt and shoes......I've got an elf suit, the bells on it drove me mad all the way round parkrun last year, let alone anyone else!.........πŸ˜‚


  • Lol, the elves were awesome. I think Santa may have retired at 5k but the elves stuck it brilliantly. Its the most consistent pace I have ever ran lol! I wish I could run every race with an elf pacer!

  • Congratulations and great time. Hope you re over soon

  • A big well done to you. That looks gorgeous and I loooove your purple look 😊 Great time too πŸ‘

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