1st 10k Race

In March of last year I was 16st 9lb and unfit, I had a typical 50 yr old males beer belly and looked more like Onslow, I started using myfitnesspal in March of 2014 and by October tipped the scales at 12st 10lb, mission accomplished.

Also whilst using myfitnesspal I used Runkeeper and started hyking/walking or whatever you prefer to call it. I bought a satmap and using walkinghighlands mapped out some 8 to 10 mile walks locally, this gave me more calories to play with, especially at weekends, when I still enjoyed a few beers. By November, I was getting cocky and tried the occasional 100 meter run whilst out walking, I was in my youth and early twenties a quick sprinter, It was a challenge, but the dark nights where upon me and time was short for 10 mile walks, so running seemed a good alternative. I stared really ambitious and would run / jog a 9 mile route locally, I could do it it around 1hr 50 and it earned me plenty of calories for a Saturday night drink.

I needed some structure to my running, so back in mi February I started the C25K, I remember thinking as week 5 run 3 was approaching, I'm never going to run for 20 minutes after all I had never so far to date. Of course, through following the plan I did it. I started Park runs in the February and dropped out for 3 weeks in March whilst I completed C25K, opting instead to volunteer as a marshal whilst I saw it through.

I have since ran numerous 8 mile & 10 mile routes and today have entered my 1st 10k race, I'm not expecting to be fast, most probably looking at last years race results around the back I will finish, but eh so what I will have done it competitively.

I know many of you will and have followed a similar story and I acknowledge the achievement of Steve Lewis who went one further and completed the Oxford Half marathon.

I write this in the hope others may read it who are maybe following C25K and thinking, I will never lose this weight or run 5k. You can and as the late Roy Castle would say, dedication is what you need.

I'll let you know where I finished later, if anybody is interested lol.

Keep up the good work everybody and never loose faith.

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  • Brilliant Ian , fantastic post ! We are capable of so much more than we think. Your positive attitude and determination has paid off and brought great rewards .

    Are you doing the GMR ? xxx

  • It as been mentioned to me Poppy, but right now I have no plans to do, although that may change. Hope you are well?

  • Yes I'm good thanks :-) xxx

  • Such an inspirational post, good luck and thank you x

  • Great post and further confirmation that C25K is just the start of something much bigger and even more far reaching than you realise :)

  • That should be pinned up in every doctor's surgery in the land! You had the courage to take 'the road less travelled by' and what an adventure it led to! Maybe you should put this post on the C25K forum too HB, to enciurage those still struggling through those early weeks.

  • Definitely post this on the c25k forum. Success stories like this are so very motivating, especially in the early days of the programme when it all seems so hard.

  • If you wanna be the best, if you wanna beat the rest ....

    Ahh happy childhood memories. Loved Roy Castle!

  • Of course we are all impressed but this post and your update really should be on the C25k forum Mr Boltz!! Your story is the sort of thing that inspires others, so please post it there to show those, possibly struggling, with C25k that determination can get great results.

  • will do Ian

  • I've been out today, so this is the first chance I've had to read this (and your follow-up) and comment on it.

    This year has been a special one for me. When I started C25K I only thought I was seeking a way to get a bit of regular exercise. I was astounded to find that I enjoyed it, and wanted to get as much as I could out of running.

    Something to make it even more special is the way I watched others on the same journey, and shared our little triumphs and experiences. You've been one of that group, Ian, and I've watched with not a little envy how your speed has revealed itself. I've also valued your comments and encouragement. I hope one day more of us get the chance to meet up at events and perhaps run together.

    I've seen the result of your race - I'm not surprised at your time, it's a fantastic result on what sounds like a very challenging course.

    Cheers, mate - enjoy the Guinness!!

  • It would be good to run with you one day a shared experience that as given me a new hobby and met new people

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