Been missing for 6 months

Well I didn't die, I just stopped posting after graduating 5k, then I've been injury after injury, so a year since I started I'm still at 5k , not to worry though I regularly do the great run local needham lake 5k and my time is getting better. I just signed up for a 10 miler (Tarpley 10) end of Feb with my daughter whose also at 5k, training is going ok but aching. Glad to be back.

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  • Good to hear from you Paul. That's really bad luck with the injuries. We've had some drastic ones on here. Oldfloss even managed to break some ribs, not running though thank goodness. Well done letting yourself get coerced into a 10 miler. The good thing about Feb is that you won't have to worry about over-heating!

  • Healing nicely though... and managed a 5K on Sunday.. so... fingers crossed :)

  • That sounds good but be careful. It is so icy here I'm not sure I'll risk running tomorrow. Friend of mine slipped on her bike yesterday, broke an ankle and needs an operation now, poor thing.

  • That is sound advice...I shall not be heading out on icy days,, at all!'Your poor friend...that is horrid.. I think .. stay warm and plan a route for ice free days :)

  • Welcome back Paul. Sounds like good targets.

  • Welcome back....good runners never disappear, they simply go off track :)

  • Welcome back! I often wonder where people go! But you're still,running and that's GOOD😎

  • Great news Paul. It's good to see you here again.

  • I'm well into my 5th year of running but not at 10 miles (yet... it might come)

    Good to see you're back and most of all that, despite all the injuries, you still have the running habit.

  • I'm just too stupid to quit lol

  • Hi Paul , good to see you back on here and great to hear youre still running !

    Good Luck with your 10 miler ! :-) xxx

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