Week 6 R3 done

Week 6 R3 done

Well we did our longest run yet on our 10k program. 5 miles in 55 mins which included some whopping great hills around the forest. The dalmatian managed the whole thing but will not be doing much for the rest of the day. My 8 year old lab struggled so I will have to limit him to the shorter runs. It's 2 weeks this Sunday until our first 10k event. Am really enjoying the longer, slower runs, which are somehow meditative and I always feel great afterwards. Not to mention the fact that bacon and eggs have never tasted so good when you have been anticipating them for most of the run lol.

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  • Well done to you and pooches !

    That is such a great photo , ah we love our doggie pics on here :-)

    Really Well done all ! xxx

  • Sounds like you're having a great time. I agree with you about the joy of a long slow run - just wonderful way to do a bit of sight seeing, and there's always something new to see even if it's a regular route.

    What a lovely pic of the dalmatian. Lucky dogs to come with you on the run, I bet they enjoy it as much as you do!

  • Well done on the longer run (and hills!). Lovely that you have a dog for company . We had to retire our 9 year old lab from running as she's getting arthritic and I miss her company. She did let us know she was ready to stop by sitting on the path and refusing to move!

  • Oh bless, I think my lab has a few pains too but he he still thinks he is a pup. He is fine on hourly walks but the running is just a bit much. At least the 2 yr old crazy dalmatian can still accompany me and he just never stops!

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