Enforced running break - but watch this space!

Long silence from Al's mum - reason being a recurrence of my cancer. I'm NOT dying, let me say that now, so hold that sympathy! It can be zapped again (and again etc), but anticipating that this will be a pattern for a number of years.... Yet again, my running gave me advance warning - had to stop 5 minutes into a run to catch my breath, and although I went on to do 30 minutes, that made me hyper-vigilant as fluid round my lung was my early-warning sign at first diagnosis. Scans and blood tests bore it out, so just started the first of 6 doses of chemo.

Feel pretty good, so hoping to keep walking and maybe even attempt a little run in week 3 of my 3-weekly cycles. I'll see how it goes. I'm absolutely sure my greater level of fitness is carrying me through all this much better than would have been the case a couple of years ago. It's worth it to see the consultants disguising their surprise, and voicing their approval, at this overweight 53 year-old being a regular runner.

And finally, why does this barmy site want to tag my post with "motor neurone disease"? You're automated, stop doing my thinking for me!!

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  • Hi Al's mum, can I just say how I am super impressed by the way you're taking this horrible disease. With the right treatment, and with the right attitude, cancer will lose, so it is wonderful to see your positivism.

    Please keep us up to date with the treatment. Of course it's not going to be pleasant, but you will get through this.



  • Feels all wrong 'liking' this news. Very funny that HealthUnlocked's tagger is misdiagnosing.

    Can completely see how your running helped you spot the recurrence early and is helping you deal with all the chemo. Zap that crab!

  • Quite relieved that HealthUnlocked tagger isn't anything to do with my diagnosis and treatment!!

  • I'm liking your attitude! Feisty birds always triumph. x

  • Never been called that to my face before! Like it, and will treasure the moment!

  • Respect and best wishes.

  • All the very best to you Als_mum !

    Youre one tough determined lady, please keep in touch and let us know how you are .

    Big hugs xxx

  • All the best, that determination will help you through.

  • So sorry to hear that 😐 You sound very positive though ☺ Useit is right! 😊

  • You're a gutsy lady. All the best and keep us posted.

  • Great attitude, wishing you all the best. And I'm sure you're right, having a better level of fitness will help you through this xx

  • All the best, May it all go smoothly. I think as runners we do get to know our bodies better than before. I can tell when my thyroid meds are out by the way I run which has led to a very precise dosage for me which I would of never have got to without running.

  • Thank you everyone for your good wishes. Much appreciated.

  • You sound so strong... I wish you all the very best for this round of chemo and well done on keeping walking too.... :)

  • Way to go Al's Mum! x

  • Way to go, Als_mum. So very impressive that you self-diagnosed based on your new-found running fitness. Very best of luck with your latest round of treatment. Keep us informed 🍀

  • Sorry to hear that. Best of luck with this go round; heal well. Totally agree with useitorloseit: feisty's a good word...

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