Apparently having a period in which you run every day is called streaking. But you all knew that?

Anyway has anyone ever done it?

I'm wondering about doing my running differently for the month of December. Instead of the weekly pattern I'd been in of one flat 5k (parkrun), one hilly forest trail 5k and one 10k, I'm thinking of doing a daily shorter run. I'm not a real fan of the month of December and don't believe I'll have the enthusiasm to do a wintry 10k. I'm thinking 25 minutes running each day for a month, just from the front door (12 and a half minutes out, turn round and come back). I live in a town so have the benefit of street lights if I do that. I think it would be a real challenge but a more manageable challenge than, say, increasing my distance. I could go back to distance work in January.

Obviously if I think it might be bringing on an injury I'll stop at once.

I just wondered if anyone had ever streaked? (In the above sense! Other streaking stories wouldn't be relevant but might be interesting...)

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  • The Guardian has just done an article on streaking:

    I have to confess I was a bit worried when I first heard about this, especially since it is planned for the middle of winter - anyone who remembers football or cricket matches in the 1970s will know what I mean! ;-)

  • Yes quite! A little airy at this time of year...

    I'll have a look at that article, thanks.

  • Like the guy who streaked through the Orchestra Pit ?

    He got caught by the Pianist....

    (Sorry, I'm in a hospital ERwaiting room and bored to tears ;) )

  • Are you okay Irish-John ?

    Whats happening ? xxx

  • Sorry, did not think it through when I posted :) No need to worry :) Very occasionally I have a problem with one eye and they need to make sure it won't fall out or anything.:)

    If it ever does though I'll really get to dress up as a Pirate come to think of it! Lol.

    No, it's the waiting to get in that's the worst. There aren't even any nutters or axe killer victims this time of day yet to keep me entertained ;)

  • Oh I hope you get seen soon John, at least you've got lots of company on here :-) xxx

  • And thankful for it :)

  • So are we ! :-) xxx

  • Oh thank you so much. Just spat wine all over my keyboard! XD

  • Hopefully not via your nasal passages? I hate when that happens :)

  • Thankfully no. Just the normal way was bad enough.

    Slightly disturbing that we seem to have a very similar sense of humour...

  • Be very afraid....


  • That sounds really interesting. The article states an activity each day but not necessarily always running, a mix of say running, yoga, swimmimg etc which might be easier on the legs than running everyday. You could also include strength and flex etc for the days when the weather is really not good to be outside.

    It would a challenge worth thinking about .

  • Yes, probably mixing activities would be better, Jacs-W

    I just liked the idea of having a go at a daily short run. Also a "proper" runny friend (who has done marathons etc) has challenged my via Facebook to join the "marcothon".

    Here's the link: although there's more information on the Facebook page if you're a Facebooker.

  • Why not negotiate with her a mix of activities for you, which would help in your running journey .,,,,,,see what i did there teehee, whilst she does running everyday, which is good for her running prep. Then you can run what you want πŸ˜€

  • I have tried this - shortish easy runs from the front door - not a streak as such. It seemed a bit of a bother to me - the effort of getting ready seemed to be not worth it. Then again, I am not faced with the winter conditions that you have. I was faced however with something similar this past winter - we were "camping" in a motorhome for a few weeks when it got down to around 3C overnight. We were travelling so I wanted to keep on running very early in the morning before everybody else awoke. I hated getting dressed in the cold - so I started sleeping in my running clothes!! :) That seemed to make the early morning effort a bit easier for me. :)

  • I've occasionally done that too! :)

  • Streaking, Running Naked.

    Is there a theme here for runners?

    Just asking, I do not judge :)

  • Many try the streaking, and somelike it.

    My view is that if professional athletes who's job it is to win world championships need a break every 7-10 days, then my (overweight, old) amateur body most definitely need it more often than that.


  • Juicy Ju does it but she has been running for quite some time now. If the runs are short you could try it and see how it goes

    You might get bored though before the month is out if it's the same route each time

  • I think I've read you should have been running for at least a year. I do run on consecutive days sometimes, but I've never done more than two or three... all the kit washing etc!

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