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7k for the first time!

After life got in the way of my Monday run, I worked Tuesday and Wednesday, so today was my day for a run. Hubs wasn't keen but I persuaded him to come out for a slow (for him anyway) jog........oh about 3-4 miles depending how I felt! My usual twice a week is 5 or 6k at the moment having graduated end of October. Well today I felt good. I had the usual gremlin at 2.5 miles but carried on with the one foot in front of the other mantra. The last mile was with a head on windy blast and chewing leaves! I got to near the end of the four miles and shouted to hubs to detour to his horror! Another half a mile detour to home got me to 7k. I am feeling so good!! I just hope I can repeat it.

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Congratulations! I'm sure you will be able to repeat and go beyond as well if you did it in such bad weather. Makes me ashamed of complaining about my still 22 C.


I loved 7 K it was my magic number!

Very well done you! Hubs too.. 'though maybe unwillingly :)

You cracked it and left those pesky gremlins reeling in your dust... go you :)


Thank you old floss. I need to try and repeat it and stick with it for a while before increasing again. It is going to be a slow journey to 10k I think but there is no rush!

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My sentiments exactly. Enjoy the fact that you know you can do it.. I spent ages just doing three runs, each week, a 3 K a 5 K and a 7 K

I completed my first 10K on my one year,runniversary ! It was amazing.

No hurry for me wither, just taking it one run at a time, enjoying experiments in running and really having fun...I was stuck at 9 K for ages, but it did not really bother me and then.. it just sort of happened. :)

Look forward to your posts !

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