Clash of the kids and running!

Clash of the kids and running!

So the summer holidays are here with the trio at home for 6 weeks. I was starting a 10 mile training plan as I have completed my 10k events and felt I needed a push to keep getting out. However kids and running clash! The girls will run with me for 5k but not together (it's mummy daughter time don't you know). My son is up to two miles run so far on sunday. I compromised on Monday with the first three miles alone then ran past the house collecting the twins for the last 1.5 miles hearing them bickering the whole way. Today's 4.8 miles was not looking likely until daughter 1 suggested she ran 2.5 miles while daughter 2 rode the bike and then they would switch over for the last 2.3 miles. All agreed so we set off. I.5 miles in a quick loo stop for daughter 1. At 2.5 miles we switch bike and helmet. At 3.2 miles daughter 2 gives up running so daughter 1 graciously gave up the bike to run. At 4.4 miles daughter 2 wants to run home hence another bike swap. Phew that was hard work! At least I got out but I need just one child on their bike when I run! How is everyone else managing running in the holidays with children at home?

Btw whoever suggested Lidl for this running vest was a genius as I love it! First time out today.

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  • Blimey H Im exhausted just reading! Well done on getting out there, true runner ⭐️

  • Haha I feel like an imposter!! I have plans to go from 10k to 10 miles but am having real confidence issues with that. Today felt tough and slow but that maybe the kid factor! My legs just don't feel strong.

  • You have to remember you are now building 10 m legs, you dont have them yet, thats what the training will get you to!

    Remember how you used to feel with 5 k, and then moving to 10 k , then 5k became easier! It is just the same, early days yet. Have confidence in yourself, you are a great runner!

  • Yes you are absolutely right. I find parkrun a nice distance and 10k tougher but then I haven't run further. It just seems a little daunting at the moment. If i can get to 10 miles and feel good enough I may enter the gsr last minute, but shhh as nobody knows.

  • Its ok, nobody reads this forum, you are safe, it will stay between us two......πŸ˜‰

    Ps lovely vest!

  • Like Jacs I was exhausted jut reading your post! Well done for juggling children and running many lesser souls would have given up by now! 😊

  • If i don't juggle it, I won't get out! The kids see it as an excuse to get one to one time with me so it works mostly. I think with the longer distances bikes is the way forward which also means they can carry the water bottle! I don't know how else to juggle it without feeling guilty.

  • Very clever to include/rope them in in this way. Genius!

  • Liking that cunning plan... and so great for time with each of the offspring! Phew... go you!

    Great vest too :)

  • We will see how it works out over the next 6 weeks, I may live to regret it! It the kids idea so here goes....

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