I've fallen off the wagon!

I know running is our own personal journey but I am desperately in need of some advice and encouragment. I graduated earlier in the year and was running a regular three times a week two 5ks and a longer run on a Sunday or Saturday parkrun. I felt my fitness was improving and I had lost weight and was toning up. I went on holiday in August and even managed to get three runs in there, however......

When I returned home I found I was less motivated to run and I'm not sure why, I did not get a place in the london marathon which I was disappointed about but felt that target may have been a bit ambitious, as I am a relatively novice runner, so was considering working towrads a shorter event like another 10k.

I am cocnenred the longer I am not running the risk of my fitness levels dropping are increasing although I do a lot of walking it is really at a slow pace with the dog!

I wondered if anyone can offer any pearls of wisdom to get the fire back in my belly and my lazy body back in the lycra, thank you in advance for all honest feedback which will be most welcomed and appreciated.

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  • "When you feel like quitting, remember why you started". Sound cheesy but it's one of the things that gets me back in my trainers. Remember those first runs and imagine telling "that you" that you got so far that you anted to run a marathon, then lost out to the gremlins. "That you" will probably want to chase you down the road with a very large stick.

  • Thank you for your reply yes, you're right I do need to think what got me started which was to get fitter, lose bit weight and get toned which I did so need to keep that in my mind. Those pesky gremlins I'm going to sneak up on them and kick a**e!

  • Thank you for your reply yes you're right I do need to think what got me started which was to get fitter, lose bit weight and get toned which I did so need to keep that in my mind. Those pesky gremlins I'm going to sneak up on them and kick a**e!

  • Bunny, me too but I managed to get out on Monday and felt soooo much better for it. Tell yourself you are just going for a short one, and see what happens :-)

  • Thank you I will get my kit ready and try as you say a short one I just seem to have lost my mojo!

  • Have you managed to get out of the door with your trainers on yet Bunny?

  • I find I need to follow a program to force me out the door. That way I cant talk myself out of it. I wonder if you entered another race 5k/10k or a half would that give you the motivation to get going. Good luck with getting going again x

  • Hi, I know how you feel, I graduated a few weeks ago and then had a week away with no running. I completely lost my running mojo. Then last night I got home from work to find my husband in his running gear saying "right, come on we're going, get changed!" I whinged and moaned, too cold, too tired etc but then when he said he'd go without me I realised I did actually want to go, it was the fear of failing gremlins that were stopping me. And the thought of never running again upset me. So I went, I did a week 9 run with Laura. My pace was still slower than a snail with backache, but I did it! I felt so much better when I got back, so my advice ( in a rather rambling way lol) is think how proud you are of what you've achieved and how upset you'd be if someone took that away. Go out there, maybe take Laura, take it steady, and run those gremlins out of town!

  • I know exactly what you mean. I have been having a period of "why". I haven't stopped running but my motivation was way down. Im an event girl, the last three and a half years have all been about training for specific events and I love it. For the moment it's been requested I don't do the longer events 10km upwards and I have struggled to find the reason to push myself. I have been a member of bounts and they recently changed there whole way of doing things so now I am signed up for a few challenges with then and it seems to of put a spring back in my step. Some of us just need a reason, I always say I'm a carrot sort of person and I do love a bit of bling. For me everything changes the moment I press enter on the computer my brain goes into a different gear and I get butterflies then the next run out is always a good one. Have a play around with different ideas one of them will hold your mojo. The fact your asking for help means you don't want to quit so the battle is so nearly won. Good luck.

  • My friend, who lives on her own, says she always tells her colleagues at work that she's going to run that evening. That way she feels she has to go out even if she's tired or it's cold or whatever, because otherwise she'd have to tell them the next day that she'd failed to go!

    So, if you like, you could tell us here when you're planning to go out and promise to report back when you've been. That accountability might be the trigger you need, but then in no time you'll be back into it and not be worried any more.

  • I found that without a programme to follow my motivation drops. The programme gives me accountability but also progress. On my own progress is much slower and I don't really know what training schedule to do to achieve progress. As advised on here, I am going to consolidate my 5k runs twice a week. If I feel good I will aim for 6k which I have done. I have also put in for parkrun and have been to my local one.

    I don't think the cold weather helps as once I get home in the warm it is harder to get out again. I know in summer I will love to get out!! As it is winter I am not expecting massive progress in times or distance, Just to make small changes is good enough. I am not training for an event so I am happy to accept this as keeping 5k twice a week is commitment and life changing in itself.

    Sorry for my ramblings but you are not alone in feeling this way. Get out and maintain the fitness and toning you have achieved. It is a beautiful day so I will go out myself shortly as I hate the guilt feelings if I don't!

  • Bless you. I think a regular three times a week routine has kept me going but also coming onto the Forum, reading the posts, sort of gets my brain in the running mindset and I start planning my next run then too. I think you will be surprised that you will soon get back into the groove, maybe revisit one of the C25K podcasts, how about the dreaded week 5 to remind yourself how hard you battled to get that one under your belt. Maybe you will be encouraged to see you can still do it? Looking forward to hearing about what happens next for you

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