Virtual Poppy Run

Virtual Poppy Run

Some of you may have taken part in the Poppy Run, or its friend the Virtual Poppy Run, yesterday.

If you missed it you can still join in with the virtual one. Here's the link:

I did my run this morning, and went a detour through the cemetery to take this photo of the Polish war graves. I always appreciate this time of year as an opportunity for us to reflect on the horridness of war and commit ourselves to peace.

It's meant to be a 5k but I wanted to make today my longer run so I did a bit more.

Actually, on a lighter note, my Strava didn't kick in for a while so it claimed I'd only done 9.6km but I know it was at least 10. I heard myself saying to Him Indoors "That's so annoying about Strava. If it had been working that would have been my fastest 10km yet" before it dawned on me that it still was... Doh! Now I know what my friend meant when he said "If it didn't happen on Strava, it didn't happen"!

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  • Thanks for posting this. Definitely worth a look.

    Well done on the run and the PB!

  • I did my virtual Poppy Run yesterday, in a very quiet a peaceful area that gave me time to think and reflect too. I think it's really great that anyone can join in and do a run for such a worthy cause wherever they are in the country (or even the world). One day I'll make it to 10K, but that's for next year!

  • I've registered for this but won't be running until next weekend. We will also visit the National Arburitum which is reasonably close to where we live.


  • What a great idea, i wish I'd seen this before the weekend. I can't see where the locations were but I'll watch out for details next year. Or a could do a loop between local war memorials - must look up some distances #greatcause= good excuse for a run .

  • You can register for the virtual run until the end of the month I think

  • Yes I'm pretty sure you can register and do your run any time in November Biscuit0107

    None of the actual (non-virtual) events were anywhere near me anyway so even if I hadn't been working I wouldn't have been able to attend one of them.

    I like your idea of a loop between local war memorials.

  • I took the kids to cheer on daddy in his poppyrun. It was a great atmosphere and run like a parkrun. Fantastic to see some service guys running, many run/walkers, buggies, wheelchairs, dogs/cats and a man running with a wheelchair on his back! I only wished I had run as well but you can only have two children per entrant and I have three. Nice t shirts and medals with an excellent cause to run for.

  • Well done Anne !

    Congratulations on a new PB !

    I walked the 5k Poppy Run yesterday as I have had a stinking cold and a bad chest , so darednt risk running it.

    It was a great event, lots of people all ages, dog walkers and families taking part. Will definitely sign up for it again next year as I think this is going to be a massive event and hopefully there will be more locations added :-) xxx

  • What a brilliant idea - and great that you can do it any time before the end of November. We have a local war memorial and another one (the Polish War memorial) around 3k away. I'd love to actually run it on the 11th. Going to follow your link...

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