Southsea Parkrun

Southsea Parkrun

First time at Southsea parkrun today, I was hoping to see say hello to Codfish this morning but unfortunately never saw her. When I arrived I thought who would i know to talk too, but have no fear I met up with several runners from Havant and Lakeside all having a change of scenery. There was a good turn out of 352 runners this morning with my time shown in the pic. It a bit congested at the start and lasted for a good half mile before things spread out, very enjoyable as ever will run this event again. Lovely venue. have a great weekend all!

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  • Wow! What a cracking time Frank! Speeding along as ever - well done!😀

  • Thanks Sandra! 😎

  • Wow Frank-ntj , that's a great time! Glad you enjoyed the run too 😀 I was back at my home parkrun this morning, running considerably slower than that!!

  • Thank you Biscuit, your out there doing which is what counts, hope you enjoyed it! 😎

  • you are a speedy devil Frank! what an amazing time! Paul got a new PB but is a minute and a half behind you!!!!

  • It was at Southsea where it is flat! But I'm still pleased. 😊

  • Not surprised you didn't see me, I am a 37 minute +type person! Even my super speedy husband is only a 30 minute + sort of person! But we were there, 268th and 338th respectively. See you ran a good time.

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