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I know that this may sound droll to some/many/most? - but I have only just discovered how to use the manual "lap pace" on my Garmin FR220. I like to follow Jack Daniel's training plans using his calculator to tell me the appropriate pace I should be running at for different types of runs ( according to my current fitness level as revealed by my latest 5k PB) . His tempo paced intervals have me running 4 minute, 6 minute, 12 minute running intervals with 1 minute easy running/rest inbetween. I am supposed to run these at a 6:15 mins per Klm pace but have never been able to satisfactorily assess whether I am running at this pace while actually running. NOW - I realise that if I set "lap pace" as one of the data sets on my watch (along with "average pace" and time) , and by pushing the lap button at the start and end of each run segment , I can see the average pace I am running during the segment. DUH!!!!

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All beyond me I'm afraid but glad you got it sorted! Pace is fast, I would only manage that running downhill!


Hehe the gift that just keeps giving. I know I am no where near the bottom of what my 220 can do. I keep finding little,things, like by accident about pressing the button for lap time! I know I really should fully read the manuals when I get the item, but the two years in I wouldn't be finding out all these little nuggets. Happy training with your new stats.


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