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9k -Yeay!!


Cold start today- 6 degrees apparently, my hands were like ice for the first 2k. But blue sky, a beautiful day, although dark in the trees making me realise I won’t be able to run on weekdays for much longer as it’ll be too dark in the mornings and evenings.......that’s very sad 😔

Up the road,along the track, lots of rabbits, through the farm, more rabbits, down the cow field, and into the trees. Then up the field - and frost!! Yes frost in rural Oxfordshire this morning! A muntjac was hugging the hedge, and the sheep couldn’t be asked to move from the cosy spot under the trees as I trotted by. Up through the next farm then down the track we used to run cross country at school over 30 years ago - not good memories!!!

My target today was to get further than last weeks 8k on my quest to reach 10K sometime soon.....

Two lovely black labs on the narrow path in the woods, a quick circle around the church and back through the woods - black labs again!

My watch says 56 mins - ok - new target of 1 hour. Ugh - still going and it’s uphill now. 1 hour up - I would never have believed this would be possible- ever!!! 🤗. 9k+ done. Next target ? The big 10K. I need to think where I can go to add more distance without too many more hills - a bit of a challenge around here!!!

Happy running all. 😊🏎

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You are getting close to that 10k now FormulaRun. I don’t like the sound of frost in September- it’s far too soon. Good luck with your search for a flatter run.

FormulaRunGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Thank you - nothing flat round here unfortunately - it's all up & down as you can see - but some ups are more up than others 😊 The next bit from where I finished this week is one of the steepest hills in the area - I've only managed half so far before giving up. The other way is also up - but a long long uphill drag. Maybe see if I can add a bit on the start instead...... can't believe I'm going to run 10K. Never believed I could run 5k!! The support here has really helped me through. 👍👍 and yes you're right - the frost was a bit of a shock, but very pretty. The sunshine & bright blue sky helped take the edge off 😁


Well done, you are so close to the magic 10! Hope you find a flatter route for your next run x

FormulaRunGraduate10 in reply to lollytwist

Thank you - not much luck with flat in the Cotswolds but the views make up for it!! It's more managing where the worst of the hills occur in the run. Good exercise though 😊


You are so close now, well done

FormulaRunGraduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

Thank you - I can't believe I'm going to run 10K - hopefully!!

Sometimes if I want to increase distance without adding hills I jump in the car and drive maybe 10 minutes to find a flatter route.

Good luck with your 10k goal.

FormulaRunGraduate10 in reply to Razouski

I live in the Cotswolds so hills all the way. My local park run which is a 30 minute drive away is the flattest course I've ever run & strangely I found it much harder than expected - I guess I'm used to the ups & downs now - but it's all about where they land in the run. Thank you for your support 😊👍😁

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