Sore hip grumbles

I think I "did" something when I ran my one and only parkrun in the summer. I have had niggling pain in my hip ever since. I don't remember doing anything but its a short course with tight turns and people, pushchairs and dogs stopping unexpectedly in front of you. Its some kind of muscle pull and I've carried on running and steadily increasing my distances. Had enough of it now though. Day after each run I hobble if I sit down for any length of time. I've just run a steady 4k and there is a faint twinge and tightening of muscles from my waist to my knee. :( I do not want to stop running but I am going to forget doing 10k in December to avoid overdoing things. Short and as level as possible slow runs, ideally three times a week. Ice, tennis ball and roller when I get back and no sulking! Does this sound sensible to you all? (Internet diagnosis *rolls eyes*. Its not really, its moral support! )

Edited! I had completely forgotten that other people go through this - lots of useful posts. I shall gently try some of the stretches people are recommending!

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  • Sounds like you may have IT band or piriformus problems. Have a google and see if any of it rings true. I had problems earlier in the summer and I eventually stopped running for about 10 days which seemed to help massively. I also started paying more attention to core strength work and worked on stretching exercises for piriformus and IT band too. I am now running up to 10 miles without any recurrence so be reassured. However, yours sounds worse than mine was - maybe seek some advice from a sports physio to help things settle. It's not worth risking long term injury because we hate the idea of not running for a few days! Listening to your body is one of the most important aspects of this running journey and it is ok to give your body the time it needs to heal! Good luck.πŸ™‚

  • Thank you! I have just looked both of these up but I don't think it is this because the pain I get when I move is in the front of the hip. Thee is tightness down my back and leg but I have probably been overcompensating and causing this. I'm not at all sure though so I will pay close attention when it is particularly niggly! Its good when you find a solution isn;t it. My nice trainers sorted out the knee pain I had been getting some months ago!

  • Swyn - aren you doing core stability work too? I forgot about this when I started to focus on running. A few days of bridges, and other lower body core work seemed to help my hip pain settle.

    Good luck, hope it works for you.......

  • It might be tight hip flexors. Search for stretching exercises and see if that helps.

  • I haven't been doing any stretching or core strengthening because I over did them in the past. I'd better start finding a happy medium! I have started stretching exercises as has been suggested on here and its starting already to feel better! It seems I need you all to really focus me and sort out problems as well as for the support to stay running so thank you all very much!

  • Sorry to kind of but in here Swnymor ...I have no idea what I'm talking about generally but your hip pain rang a bell with me. I've not run for two weeks because of hip pain, which my gp diagnosed as inguinal tendon strain. The main pain was at the front of the hip and worsened if I put weight on that leg. I was given loads of stretches to do and a compression wrap to wear while doing them.

    First run for 2 weeks later today and although it seems miles better, I can still feel a slight pulling when I put weight on that leg. Just wondered if it might be the same thing?

  • That does sound a bit familiar (and you're not butting in). Stretches are definitely helping (why didn't I start them sooner, stupid me). It doesn't sound anywhere near as bad as your pain though.

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