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Second time round

Hi all, I'm new here and would like some advice please. I started c25k last September (2015) and by November I was up to running 5k/30 mins. I religiously went running 3 times in 8 days (shift worker) till August this year. I never really improved on time or distance but mid june I seemed to lose all energy and struggled to run for 20 mins. I'm putting it down to motivation. So I've started again from week 4 and intend to continue on to 10K this time. Can anyone recommend an app or podcast that would help me to get to 10K!, or any advice on keeping motivated once I'm back up to running 5k. Thanks in advance

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Some people take part in races to keep themselves motivated. Or join a running club? There are a couple of Bridge to 10k podcasts that people use here (but you might have to hunt around for them - I know Bluebirdrunner had links to them in the answers to one of her posts - but I can't send links on my mobile). Many of us just try to mix it up with intervals, long slow runs, trail running etc.

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Hi Mally. You can find the Samantha Murphy podcasts for bridge to 10k by clicking on my name and looking down the thread of the post 'Goodbye Laura hello Samantha'. Otherwise I know that RunaroundSue put the app on a post called Samantha Murphy podcast.

Good luck. I think you will enjoy doing it.😊


Hope you don't mind me always mentioning your name when this comes up. You've just stuck in my mind!


Not at all jaysee.😊x


Thanks guys, that's just what I'm looking for. I'll be starting week 5 c25k tomorrow if it feels comfortable I'll miss out alternate weeks till week 9. Then start the bridge


So many things can affect running, including stress or illness but keeping going is the way to go. I was recently unemployed and looking for work and all my energy went, I was struggling and started run-walking. Back up to it now thoug, thankfully. I tried a programme and it did t work for me so I carried on running 2 x 5k and 1 x long run every week. I am not fast but for the long run, I slowed down even more. At first I just did. 5.5k to see if I could even do more than 5, then a 6, 7, 8 and then did a 10! Along the way, I did have a niggly knee so introduced strength and flex exercises on rest days which sorted that out. If there is ever a small ache, I could always reintroduce run-walking but stick to my distances - that has been a great help because then I still feel confident but avoid injury. I run for 100 double paces (counting each 10 on a finger) followed by 100 walk paces. If I feel I can run more than walk can easily adjust it. However, I tend to run with no walking when I am fine and I can always reduce speed if I am struggling or it is hilly


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