Not that old chestnut?

Not that old chestnut?

I was advised tonight that running ruins your knees. It must be true because the man said he knew lots of people who ran, played rugby or football whose knees were damaged as a result. I advised him that I will be avoiding rugby and football but that running has only improved my fitness. When asked who he knew who ran with damaged knees, he said his brother who was a "professional" runner. Oh that's ok then, I am not a professional runner, I do it for my own enjoyment, I run three times a week and over shorter distances. If I have any issues with my legs, I rest them but in fact they are stronger than before. What a twerp! He has asthma so couldn't possibly run - oh and my lung capacity is also improved - I managed to keep it to myself!! Anyone else have concerned people warning them to stop running?

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  • Footballers and rugby players twist their knees changing direction with studs planted in the ground - and suffer from dirty two footed tackles taking their legs out. Different mechanisms. His brother probably played football too - ignore him!

  • I intend to! If he wants to exercise by sitting on a deckchairs watching birds through his binoculars, let him. I will be plodding past him and exploring the woods in my own way LOL

  • My husband, my father, mother, my closest friend! For the spouse n the mother, they think running us making me too 'thin' (I'm just within my normal weight range, towards the higher side!)...the father is concerned about the knees...but of course all these people are genuinely concerned and not annoying neighbors! Just ignore is what I say!

  • I will, don't worry! As people can see how much enjoyment I get from running, most people are very accepting of a 53 year old getting into fitness. It is very rare to hear any negative comments which is great. I am genuinely encouraging to anyone who wants to take up an interest - whether it is knitting, walking the dog or reading. Occasionally, people are not so understanding that I get my fun and a sense of achievement from running - and because I have been eating more (as a treat) I have put on a stone since I started - entirely my own fault!!

  • Yes..I have been subjected, by more than one person, to a, sharp intake of breath, " Ooooo! You don't want to be doing that!"

    Much head shaking, finger wagging, and soulful sighs...when I tackle them, there are dire warnings of crocked knees... horrifically damaged backs and necks etc. All based on hearsay and nothing!

    I have to say, none of my close family have ever said anything like that, quite the opposite, in the form of, " Just go for it".

    Let us ignore the poor deluded souls, who envy us so much! x

  • Knitting is very hazardous - I am sure there is research to prove that it results in severe tennis elbow and the burns from handling the wool are very painful. Put the knitting needles down grandma and pull on your running tights, much safer!

  • I have a friend who recently speared her finger doing embroidery. She ended up in A&E... I'll stick to running, ta.

  • I did hear a doctor on the radio the other day, discussing the need for patients to alter their lifestyles if they wanted to have treatment on the NHS, saying that, as well as the obvious examples of weight loss, runners should stop running marathons on roads.

    His view matches my own and while running 20k per week, mainly off road, probably does no harm, those longer on road distances are something to be approached with caution. That said, my knees are stronger than ever before after running for three years.

  • Not knee damage....but my brother in law (currently on statins, medication for high blood pressure, suffers from sleep apnoea and weighs around 25 stone) told me I'm sad and am having a mid life crisis. Everyone else has been enormously supportive :)

  • Holy crap. That makes a whole load of people having mid-life crises on this forum. I think we cover it up very well - everyone is so cheerful around here, despite being depressed mid lifers in search of solace. :p

  • Also the time! The worst is my daughter who is always asking if it's wise for me to be running so much at my age (along with the normal concern for my joints)!

    When I remind her how unfit and unhealthy I used to be (before I started running ) she has to admit that maybe overall in my case it might have been beneficial, but she will still question whether now I am fitter, I should keep it up !

  • Why can't people mind their own flippin' beeswax? I have been informed by a highly overweight, two-packet-a-day-smoking relative that running will knacker my knees. I informed him in no uncertain terms what his weight and fags would do to his health and offered to go and ask a doctor who needed help more urgently. I do know someone who really overdid the running in his youth and completely destroyed the cartilage in his knees, but I suspect he had a problem with the cartilage from the start.

  • I had a neighbour say that I would be the fittest corpse on the slab, he's now dead! No, of course he never ran!...

  • Yeah, my mate does. She has lots of anecdotal evidence of ruined knees but no names, strangely. Her old man has the worst knees of anyone I know but he's never run a yard.

    My other pal, who happens to be a knee specialist, is a runner, skier and triathlete. He knows about knees so if he keeps running then that'll do me. I did have a knee niggle early on in C25k but that was new runners thing. I was fat, stiff and unhealthy back then, so no surprise. My knees have felt fine for ages though. Touch wood

  • My GP expressed negativism when I told him I'd started Couch to 5K. He had never heard of it despite it being an NHS programme!

    He suggested it was hard on my joints and had I tried swimming?

    I ignored him and did my own research. Yes at the beginning my knees and bones were saying wtf. Your bones have to get used to the new regime. But being sensible with rest days and icing if achey I got to graduation at the age of 60. That was 18 months ago and I'm trying to work towards 10k - holidays keep getting in the way but I'll get there.

    I've had negative comments from other people my age but when they saw my improved fitness, my imroved shape, my improved asthma, my improved energy levels, my sunny smile they stopped- jealous?

    Ignore all the negative people and go for it. Listen to your own body and you will be fine.

  • Running is so beneficial in many ways! Give up, no way! Even when I'm not running, I have a real confidence I didn't have before. My legs are strong, a few niggles along the way but I love everything about running

  • I stayed in an airbnb for the Oxford Half Marathon, and at breakfast the following day one of our hosts started on the "doesn't it damage your knees?" routine. So I started going into details about my work on my forward-leaning posture, landing mid-foot, feet below the body, feet and knees working to absorb shock, thus protecting my joints. I think they were quite impressed! And the conversation moved on :)

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