Unexpected PB!😀😀

Unexpected PB!😀😀

I felt really tired when I got home from work today and also had a niggly headache. Found myself thinking maybe I should run tomorrow instead (for a few minutes) before doing what any self-respecting 'runner' always does - and reached for my running shoes! So pleased I did, as I ran a new 5k PB of 26:37, knocking about a minute (😮) off my old time. I think the longer runs and hills I have been doing have really helped with my speed. Nice rest now before Sunday. Happy weekend running everyone!🙂


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19 Replies

  • Blimey, you're speedy! Well done! Funny how these PBs sometimes just come out of the blue🍸⭐️

  • Thank you! It's nice when the hard work pays off too!🙂

  • Wow Flying -faster- than - the - speed -of -sound Sandra !

    Well done, that's brilliant ! :-) xxx

  • Er..well not quite that fast, but chuffed all the same!🙂x

  • That's super quick, well done Sandra! 😎

  • Thanks Frank!😀

  • Amazing! 10 mins faster than me. I am in awe!

  • Don't be - I am tall and have long legs - I think that helps!😉

  • Well done Sandra!a brilliant on time heading towards 25 mins now! Know what you mean about surprises,my seafront run last night heading into the wind was ploddy but the way back bagged me 2 segment pbs! 😆funny how it goes!

  • Goodness - that's a fantastic time. Well done.

  • Thank you!☺ So much easier to run now the weather is cooling off a bit.

  • Oh my goodness... very, very well done. What a super time! :)

    If you did that feeling tired and with a niggly headache... gosh! On form, you will be a blur! Brilliant x

  • And it got rid of the headache...☺

  • Wins all around! :)

  • Woweeeeeeeee. That's fast! Super well done Sandra xx🖒

  • Thanks Noaky☺

  • That is so fabulous, I bet you are made up???!!! Woo hoo well done!!!

  • Thanks ju-ju! Still feeling chuffed!☺

  • Wow, that's a great time! Well done :)

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