Training for Croydon 10k but illness strikes, (migraine) typical!

Haven't run since Parkrun last Saturday, had a nasty gastric stomach bug, which put me low, was recovering nicely by the end of this week, then yesterday got the mother of a migraine, which was horrid and draining! Now feeling recovered to go out tomorrow for training. Strange how I haven't had a migraine for a long time, (can't member the last time) then I get one when I have a break from running, can I read anything into that, such as the blood vessels opening more through running? another very good reason to run/excercise then!😊

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  • Good luck for the Croydon 10k I was seriously thinking about that as I am pretty close to it but blisters have curtailed my running for the time being. Hope you post a good time for you!

  • Oh no Dave. Migraines are horrid, so glad you're feeling better again. Its maybe connected to you having the stomach bug too perhaps?

    Glad you're back up & fighting and ready to get out there again.

    Take care x

  • Huge hug..rotten migraine..Enjoy your training tomorrow. X

  • A forced rest is sometimes a blessing before a race Dave so hopefully you'll be firing on all cylinders come race day.

  • Glad your feeling ready to get back out there Dave. Enjoy that run tomorrow!

  • Oh I'm ready Sandra! Out in the forecast sunshine!😊

  • Hope it goes well.

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