Found my running mojo, in a rain cloud!

Found my running mojo, in a rain cloud!

I graduated C25K in 2014 and ran my first 10km in the October and ran it non stop. It felt great and was rightly proud. Then I stopped. The most I could do last year without a break was 6km early on in the year. By the end of 2015 I was lucky to get 3km done before a walk break.

Then today. I did some treadmill work at the weekend and covered 11km some of it at my very top speed, not for long but flat out and walk breaks. So wasn't expecting too much from today, I just wanted to cover 12km. I even took my sunglasses as it was quite bright out. About 2km out the clouds covered the sun. I kept my pace slow, actually had to keep my pace down due to the wind. Then it started to rain. I felt quite relaxed and just kept going. OH who is a lot faster than me, passed me going back towards the car (already pre-arranged this) I didn't stop to speak to him I just kept going against the wind and in the rain.

It was an out and back route. I managed to 4km very comfortably so decided to try to push to 5km. Only managed 5km a few times this year and 6km twice. I got to 5km soaking wet with the rain and wind. Turning at 6km and still running. With the wind now on my back I thought I would see how far I could actually go.

Wind assisted I got to 7km, then 8 and could even see when I wanted to get to. There is a small hump on the path. That would be roughly 10.2km. But once I got there, there was no way I wasn't going to run down it!

This is a route I have ran loads of the past two years and also use the pub as a marker. I know I can run from the marker back to the car. The hump is only 0.6km from the pub. I concentrated on my music and kept push on. Although the wind had now gone but the rain kept up.

OH kept to meet me with 0.5km left to go as neither of us expected me to be still running. I even managed to ever so slightly sprint the last 100 metres!

Overall a very wet and wind blown 12km but the longest I have ever ran none stop!

Happy running

(I will try to add a photo, hope it works!)

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  • Well done - sounds like one of those runs where it all comes together! Cooler weather really helps too, doesn't it?🙂

  • It could not have gone any better. I am definitely a cooler weather runner 😺

  • Great stuff !

    Well done to you , you dug deep and never gave up. Its a great feeling isn't it when you have a really good run and it all just seems to fall into place ? :-)

    Happy Running to you ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you, I never thought I had that level of 'digging' in me. It was just the perfect run 😺

  • Well done - must feel very satisfying.

  • Thank you, it does feel great never thought I would get over 6km again never mind double it 😺

  • Brilliant! There'll be no stopping you now.

  • Thank you, hopefully! I must be doing something right. I have taken advice from others, took what I think might work for me and it seems to have. 😺

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