Bridge to 10K
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W3R1 of bridge to 10k (I suppose)

Wanted to get out for the first run of week 3. All kitted out, earphones in, Dropbox open and then I saw that the podcast hadn't downloaded properly. Grrr. It was downloading really slowly and I didn't have time to faff around. So it was W2 again, with a bit of modification. Pity, I would have liked new music. I also wanted to run a lot slower on this one. But that didn't happen as planned, somehow the music sets the pace. I was slower than the previous runs but only by about 10 secs per km, I'd been aiming for a minute!

Good fun though, beautiful weather. My legs are feeling tired though, I did a long hike yesterday (20k) and I can feel it. Might really have to have a rest day tomorrow.

Nearly half way through this programme. All excited - it's like doing c25k again!

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Fab stuff JaySee! Technology has a habit of letting us down when we need it most but it didn't stop you so well done to you.

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Great! 20k hike and that run today? Rest with a very clean conscience, I say. :)

I know what you mean about the excitement of doing C25k again. I've felt that too.

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Do we get to re-graduate?

And feeling narky today because I can't run. But don't want to run because my legs are quite tired. No pleasing me today!

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