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It's been a long time since I posted anything on C25K having graduated early last year! I have been running 3 x 5k each week and didn't have much to say then really as I was just trying to better my time. But now I would love to progress, I ran 7.7k yesterday down by the river and that took me 50 minutes, which I didn't think was too good.I did try and keep a slower pace though so that I could go that bit further. So, to progress a bit more, please could I have your advice on how to do this? The 7.7k was was ok, lungs felt as though they could have been somewhat bigger, but should I just add say 1k each week? Any help/guidance would be appreciated from you expert runners. Thanks.

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  • Hello, welcome and well done on the distance and as with C25K, it really doesn't matter about speed when you're building up the mileage. Slow is best.

    ju-ju- ran a 10K programme which you can find on the link on the right, but many people have built up running 1x5K, 1x fast or interval run of about 3K and then a longer run gradually increasing each week. Make sure your total weekly increase isn't more than 10% and scale back if you feel any ache or niggles.

    You are so nearly there and a few more weeks should get you to the 10K. Good luck and enjoy the last few magical runs and then come on here to tell us all about it 🤗

  • I did it very unscientifically and somewhat unadvisedly (but got away with it).

    I kept running after graduating but was getting frustrated with it all - did not think 10K was possible.

    Then I got over myself and just started running for fun - set out each run with no particular 'goal' in mind except to run and chose a hilly route to keep it 'interesting'

    Then I had a few running days where I could not run and when I did go out instead of the hills I went to the flat-ish Park.

    No way did I intend or even thing I could do 10K - in fact the previous Run day was one of the 'worst' ever when it came to distance, I quit after only a couple of K because I just did not feel comfortable running late in teh day instead of early morning.

    But - when I started my run everything just felt nice and comfortable and I decided I would try. I ran damn slow and steady, and what REALLY helped was it was a day off so I had absolutely nothing else pressing on my mind, and I kept the attitude that ALL that I was doing was giving it a try...but keeping everything nice and loose and easy certainly made it attainable without paying the price I would have otherwise next day :)

    Result, did the 10K nice and easy and no injuries next day (Thank the Running Gods) and now have the confidence that as long as I am sensible I have the potential on any given day to do it again.

    Ten miles is my next goal - but I am definitely NOT going to make it a priority. Enjoying any length of Run is my new priority and I think that will actually be of great help in reaching the secondary goals of distance/speed etc :)

    I did the 10K in 1H 22M - if I never get faster than that I will still be pleased but it will be fun to see if I do :)

  • Thanks to both Irishprincess and Irish-John for your advice, 10% seems ok and I was going to try to go further tomorrow, but perhaps some speed training or interval would be better after your posts. Irish-John - you are so right about the pressure being off, I am usually trying to squeeze runs in between everything else, and that proves the point as I had nothing else to do yesterday pm, pressure off- run went well! Thanks again

  • Yes, mix it up and have fun 😊

  • One longer run per week is the usual way, with that only increasing within 10% of your weekly total. Try speed or intervals on your other couple of runs.

  • Brilliant, thank you, as I was only thinking this morning about how and when to increase the 10%.

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