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Bridge to 10k, second week complete - interesting run

As I'm off today I wanted to get a longer run in, and combine it with the last of the week 2 runs. The weather was perfect, pale sunshine, 12C, everything slightly misty after 72 hours non-stop rain. Off into my favourite woods on a route I don't run often but have walked 1000 times. I found out I was being greedy, anything longer than the podcast was not going to happen. Maybe the music pushes me to my limit and makes me go a tick faster than I'm comfortable with, but I couldn't have run another step at the end of the 47 minutes. I was pleased with my pace (under 7 min/k - just!) but was still a long way from home. It was gorgeous strolling through the woods, not a soul around, the sunshine warming my arms and face - also knowing I've got a few days off. But I'd left a note for hubby, who was tucked up asleep in bed when I went out, that I'd be back by a certain time and at the speed I was going it was going to be later. It seems, contrary to all the indications, I do run faster than I can walk! After about a km with another 2 at least still to go I thought I might just speed things up and broke into a gentle jog.

Oh, what fun! No music, no Runkeeper, no idea of time, just a slow, gentle trot. My legs protested a bit, but they got used to it quite quickly. Breathing really easy, felt I could do this for ever - I really enjoyed it and trotted like this all the way home. It was a bit of a revelation, it felt really easy, really fun and I was very surprised at the progress I had made. I wasn't even breathing particularly heavily as I opened the front door - hubby was still in bed! I had covered just over 11 km and about 9 of those running. I can't count the last couple of km or include them in my stats, but they're banked in my legs!

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Well done - that's brilliant.


Omg jsee thats just brilliant!! Well done.. :) wow you are doing so well.. someone sign that woman up for a 10k!!!

You are flying through this.. I've not even done my second run on week one yet :( but I've promised myself next run :)

Sounds like all went really well today.. I've done that occasionally..finish my run with a way to walk home..after a while of walking feel ready for another wee no pressure jog..



I have some time off over the next couple of weeks, so that makes it easier. I will find it difficult to find nearly an hour before work, my usual time is 30-40 mins. Upping it will mean getting up earlier (yuk) or just doing longer runs at the weekend! Then I will come to a screeching halt!


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