10k - just to prove I can

I claimed my badge a while ago, but felt a bit of a fraud as my one and only 10k led to leg problems and seemed a bit of a fluke. That was 2 months ago. Since then I've been trying to build up more slowly and have done a number of 8ks, but nothing over. Today I had planned a longer run, the weather is, for once, very good and I decided to try for 10k again. It's a bit of a jump, but that's basically because the loop I can add on to my 8k is more or less 2k.

So, off I went slowly, all kitted out and prepared for heavy rain because you never know this summer! 10k is daunting, so the aim was to take it easy, but still try to come in under 8:00 per km, which is still way faster than last time. And I used my new found method of 1 min walking, 4 min running, which had worked so well last week.

The first km was soooo slow! No way I would make my target at that speed. But experience has taught me that I tend to speed up on longer runs, and indeed I did and settled into a steady pace of about 7:45 per km, which I maintained for the whole 10k. The sun shone, the woods were cool, there was no-one around. I trotted past the strawberry fields (but no strawberries there this year), up through the woods towards Schleissheim where there is a wonderful, quiet, flat road, much loved by in-line skaters (but none there today). On past the airfield where gliders, zeppelins and old-timer aeroplanes take off at the weekend. Round in a loop of about 2k back into the woods. The only problem with running this way round is there's a horrible bridge over a motorway. After 7k the bridge seems daunting, soooo steep. If I run the other way round I'm still relatively fresh when I get there. But the bridge was mastered and the 8k mark was passed. Slower than last week, but still faster than the weeks before. And now I knew I had to concentrate, the paths were muddy, rutted, uneven and overgrown - how does grass get that high so quickly? - and when I get tired I have been known to trip over my own feet, stumble over a root, or go sprawling for no apparent reason. I've had enough falls this year, I don't want a repeat. But there was no repeat and the end was in sight. The last km was not nice. I could have done without it. But that's always the case on this route (which is my favourite for longer runs) and I think it's the gremlins sitting in the trees on the last km. They wake up when I come past and start jeering, they mock my heavy breathing, point out my heavy legs and tell me I need to stop. I'm going to have to find a way round them, a change of route, that'll teach them, sitting in their trees waiting for me and then I don't come! Runkeeper piped up announcing I had run 10k in 1:17:20 and I stopped in relief. A good 8 mins faster than my first 10k, I was pleased as I'd achieved what I set out to do. My pace had been surprisingly steady, no slacking towards the end. Not very speedy, but quite respectable for a newbie. And it feels very good to be able to run 10k!

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  • I loved reading this! 1:17 is super respectable for 10k, you've definitely proved you can do it. I agree a change of route might be in order, or the same route but in reverse? Enjoy polishing that badge so it feels new again :)

  • You are amazing! Well done... :) What a super time too?

    Tripping, as we know, is really horrid.. whether it is tree roots or anything else:)

    Next time on your run.. take something to throw at the Gremlins to knock them from the tree! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee ... bonk... as they hit the floor!

    I think you are bloomin' speedy!!! :)x

  • The way they are they'll throw it straight back. Pesky blighters they are😈

  • Grrrrr... that'll scare them!

  • Sounds like a very sound steady run, well done you! I had been doing 10k well a few weeks ago but a calf pain and general lack of stamina has slowed me considerably and I now have a walk break when I need to which is annoying but needed! I just walk when my legs are aching or I feel tired out but my aim is to do less of this. However, rather than not run or give up and go home, this is allowing me to still cover a greater distance. My legs feel great after covering 6 km and I had only planned to do 5 as Monday was my long run day. I think walk-run is a brilliant way to build up again

  • Walk-run really seems to work for me. The only problem is I'm worried I might lose my ability to run a full 5k non-stop. When I think about it I haven't run non-stop for about 4 weeks. It doesn't show in my times though.

  • I think you will know when you can step it up again

  • Well I enjoyed your 10k ;) I'm envious . And I think it was a great time at a good steady pace..you'll be on the marathon next !! Well done you

  • A marathon? 4x the distance I did today? I think I'd die! But never say never, maybe I'll start running earlier in my next life!

  • That's a lovely post and I really enjoyed reading it. Good for you for beating the gremlins (I love your description of them sitting on the trees!) and a big well done for the time. That's fab. You can now make a 10K a regular run 😊

  • Well done on another 10k!πŸ™‚

  • This sounds lovely. Some days it all just seems to come together doesn't it?

  • Well done Jaysee !

    Who'dve thought we'd be knocking these 10ks out a year ago ? :-D xxx

  • So true! Not really at the stage where I'm knocking them out yet - not like some of you lot, but give me a couple of months (touch wood!). 10k is perfectly doable, but anything longer would take so much time!

  • Lovely post - great description of the gremlins, they get everywhere don't they! My Scottish gremlins jump out when I am least expecting it! Very well done for doing another 10k, in fact I managed my second 10k this week too. πŸ‘

  • Fantastic, a big well done to you. I like the idea of tricking those pesky gremlins, they seem to have a knack of appearing just when everything is going ok and make you doubt yourself!

  • I'm still struggling to do 5k and soooo far from a 10k, but I have ventured in here in Bridge to 10K and taken a peek at a couple of posts - and it is very inspiring. Thanks for a good read :-)

  • Great run JaySeeSkinny and a great improvement 😊

    The strange thing is how our minds work , when all of a sudden 10kmis normal run, it is a long long way from struggling to run for 60 secs and feeling like you were gasping for air. Well done 10k is 10k 😊

  • That's very impressive! 1hr 17 mins sounds great to me - especially if you had to run across a big high bridge as well.

  • Might be a slight exaggeration about the big, high bridge! But I was pleased with the time.

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