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Done it!

No, no particular distance 6.22km according to my garmin and a slow speed, 52.37 minutes but the significant bit for me is the elevation, 118m. I've no idea in the scheme of things if that's steep or not but it has definitely been sitting in my head as something to achieve since I began running. It's a loop that I can run from my home, a slog all the way up the lane and then down and back along another lane, non stop running! I have realised (I've said it in another post) that I can outrun the voices in my head that go on about doing a short run, or the flatter route, I've realised that I can just keep going, even up a particularly steep bit and leave them behind!

All your posts about going slower got through to me! Yay! Thank you!

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Yay! Well done! Slow but sure, inch by inch, slowly chopping up the hill, cresting the top and running on. As you run hills you get fitter and fitter. Seemingly they get easier as you do the same hill successively ☺

Yes, slow,is good. ,it gets you places 😊


Sounds steep to me! My measure is if my legs feel it's uphill then it's uphill.

You kept going even though it sounded tough. Well done on your achievement 👏


Most of my runs have about that elevation, and my pace is about the same as yours over them. Yes, that's steep! Well I think it is anyway! Well done xx

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