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Week 2 Run 1

I really enjoyed my run this morning. I was a bit worried about it as I had struggled on my last run of week 1, so I decided to take it slow. The first 15 minutes passed at a slow pace, looping down roads in order to make my route longer and enjoying the new music. The second 15 minutes also zoomed by pretty easily. I went into the last 15 knowing I was going to finish but with a vague sinking feeling as 15 minutes still seemed so long and I was getting puffed. But I got my second wind and at times felt really strong and good. It felt as if I was really running and it felt good. I finished on a high, the second half of the run was way faster than the first half and I was very exhilarated. Runs like today's make it all worth while. But I'll bet the next two will be a struggle!

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Sounds like a really good run jaysee.. sure that's making you feel really positive about looking forward and moving on ;) really well done :)

I only managed a tough 3k thismorning..So weird how some days a 5 or 6 k can be more satisf'ing than the ones you think ... go for a speed short I was struggling today..but hey another run... :) next one run 2 on the programme.. :)

Enjoy your run Buzz, well deserved x


Well done you!


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