Run-walk-lie down method!!

Run-walk-lie down method!!

Had a great run today despite needing some short run breaks. Ambling through the woods just thinking I wouldn't take any more walk breaks on the way back to the car and out of nowhere, tripped over a tree root. Soft mud broke my landing and my glasses were hanging off my nose but otherwise no serious damage done. Muddy skid marks on my legs prove I am a hard core trail runner LOL. Last time I fell I wasn't wearing glasses but that wasn't the reason this time. Need to look where I am going - pretty funny at 52 to come home with a graze and muddy trousers though, don't think I was allowed to do that as a kid

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  • Ouch! What is it with these tree roots? They get everywhere!

    Glad you did not suffer too much... trouble is, we don't fall and bounce like we did as children..:( Your run sounds wonderful...except for the fall :)

    Big hugx

  • Lucky it wasn't worse than a few grazes. Unfortunately we have to do our own washing now!! :D

  • Tee hee! My husband does the washing in our house LOL

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