Edging onto the bridge

Week 2 Run1 ticked tonight. 3x15mins with 1min walk breaks...

Someone said these walk breaks are the dogs** wotsits..** and I totally agree.

Suddenly feel like I could keep going on and on.. I even felt like I could have carried on for a bit when Sammi said 'ok, slow down to a walk you're done.'😊 I did what I was told though..will save myself for next time.

But another 6.75k under my belt. Hope you don't mind me giving run reports. It does help me to record my progress and feel supported.😆

Onwards and upwards everybody..

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  • Congratulations!!! I did the same run today as well. Maybe we can motivate each other.

    The first break caught me out. I was happly having a drink and thought, Jesus!! Not already ;) but they certainly make a difference.

    Roll on run 2!!! Are you doing yours Friday?

  • Well done to you too welshgirl.😊

    Yes, those breaks are short..but so so sweet. I think it helps that you know one is coming soon too. I had to do a few circuits on the pavement at the bottom of 'the hill that cannot be run up', as I got there a bit soon. Next time will add an extra bit at the start, so I get there at a 15 min mark. It is good though isn't it, nothing to worry about.

    I have been taking two rest days, but might well go out on Friday now so we can compare notes.😊x

  • Even if you don't Jan-now-runs I will still cheer you on ;)

  • Please keep posting! I'm still on week 1, run 3 still to come. I'm taking it slower because I'm still doing other things aswell (Speed, shorter runs). Hope run 3 will be at the weekend, maybe as part of a longer run. I'm enjoying it so far!

  • Well done to you JaySeeSkinny ;)

  • Hi All, great to read the posts - well done. Which programme are you using please? I graduated at Easter and have managed a couple of 10ks but due to a very busy B&B season have only been able to do shorter runs over the summer. It would be good to have a structured programme to build up stamina and distance. I do use speed and stamina podcasts.

  • Hi Sue, some of us are using the Sammy Murphy Bridge 2 10k podcasts. You can find the link on my post 'Breakthrough run goodbye laura hello samantha'.

    If you scroll down on this thread Poppy pug has posted it for Alleydee.

    Hope you can find this ok and that you like it. 😊x

  • Hi I'm using the the couch to 5k tracker. It has both 5k and 10k programs.

    I can't download the podcasts as I have a pesky windows phone 😌

    Good with whatever you decide to do nexted :)

  • Good going peeps. Stick with it! Yep, running breaks make sense. Take them and give yourself a boost.

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