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Self-Myofascial/Trigger Point Release

Has anyone had experience on self-myofascial release (SMR) for easing up tight muscles using a foam roller or lacrosse ball? I've been experiencing tightness in the front of my hip after a longish run and would some form of self massage help in the area to recover and be more mobile for my day to day activities. Swimming did ease it to some extent but there is still a bit of tightness in there I can feel.

Opinions please

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I've this problem often when I speed up, I find stretching for long and in the specific muscle helps... Never tried self massage, but I'm curious if it helps :)


Yes all the time with foam rollers and a variety of balls 😊Over the years SMR has magically got rid of aches and niggles and I am usually to be found most nights swearing and getting into odd positions on the floor 😉

I'm a big fan and call it "masochistic magic"........

For your tight hips try this stretch:

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I did pick up a massage ball the other day and had a try on my problem area. I did find the offending area boy it was sore when I applied pressure on it for 20 sec's. Whilst the discomfort didn't immediately disappear I did feel the area to be much easier and less tender in the morning. I may keep this routine up


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