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Taking a break

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Have decided to take a break from running for a while. Have been struggling to find it enjoyable for a while now and also feel I have overdone it a bit lately. So I have decided to follow some other other pursuits. I have been staring at this book all week on the shelf in my study and feel it is *time*. I'm sure I will get out and run still, but have decided that at the moment I have had enough of the marathon training schedule and as I was advised by a few people when I started it(stop if it is not fun). Well it is not really fun for me at the moment. I hope to work on that and i'm sure this is not goodbye, and I will be running again in a week or so if I can find the fun again :)

Good luck everybody on your running journeys.

24 Replies
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Au revoir pinkaardvark. Think paragliding kit might be more expensive than running gear!

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pinkaardvarkGraduate10 in reply to Outofpuff

True, but I know a bloke who knows a bloke who can get some quality used once kit, apparently the blood washes out quite easily with a bit of daz :)

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I kind of saw that coming. You were defo overdoing it. You’re a fantastic runner so I’m sure you’ll keep it up but with a more reasonable schedule. There’s no point doing something so much that you don’t enjoy. A couple of weeks off could be just what you need. I think mixing it up with other stuff is a great idea. Don’t let those Ons go complete to waste though - that would be a tragedy! You’ve got a real talent in running. Just enjoy it ☺️

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Enjoy your break. I’m sure the shoe collection will be calling to you soon and you’ll manage to find the fun again.

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Paragliding in the flatlands?

Enjoy your next phase and come back rejuvenated (and take it steadier). I know you’re not me but my 3 runs a week marathon training is more than enough - ok I’m a good few years older than you and have been running nearly six years but even so any more would have sucked the life out of it for me before now.

You’ve done brilliantly so far and we’ll miss the pics.

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Even though this isn't a paragliding forum but we'd love to see a photo when you do it. Enjoy your break

Hey well I, for one, will be sad to see the back of your inspiring posts, but thank you for being a part of this community. I know many of the things you've posted have encouraged me loads.

All the best, enjoy the paragliding!

Neil :)

I feel a bit like that at the moment, due to pushing myself to do more mileage this month,though I haven’t been pushing as hard as you- but I know what you mean. I remember months ago somebody on the c25k forum saying they were drained and had no enthusiasm for running. I think it was IannodaTruffe , it might not have been, who said they were suffering burnout, to,take a week out and don’t run. They did so and came back refreshed. I hope that will be the case for you, but meanwhile have a great time with paragliding.

PS: can I have your running shoes?

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Good luck with the flying. You’ll be back 😜

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Thankyou all. I will definitely review after a week or so. I have been suffering some niggles lately and found my runs getting slower and slower. So here's hoping a timeout will reframe things for me. I tried to do that last week but found all I did was run 3 days instead of 5. I had a lovely 24km run along the icknield or peddars way planned today(both start at same point). I had abandoned it last week and as it approached this week with all the other pressures of life and the legs not feeling good I realised I just needed to consciously decouple from the whole thing. I will still have to run up hills for the paragliding assuming I can find some and I reckon I will be back running soon enough, but no challenges or competitions just finding my own way again.

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Tasha99Graduate10 in reply to pinkaardvark

I never knew how you fit everything in with your peanut 😍

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pinkaardvarkGraduate10 in reply to Tasha99

Behind every good man...

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I hope your break helps you find your love for running again. Enjoy your ‘time off’. 🙌🏼

Sad to see you go Pink😩But it’s the right thing to do for the moment, if it’s not fun anymore then a change is needed. I’m sure you’ll be back running before you know it. It’s good to ring the changes and the para gliding looks fun!

Keep in touch Pink and tell us all about your new venture.

Thanks for all the great advice👍👏🤗🤗

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Enjoy your paragliding pink. Look forward to your return to running with renewed passion. Take good care :) :)

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This sounds like something my (non-running) partner (who i'm always boring with running tales) might post if he could get his hands on my phone! 😂

Assuming it's not that - go find where your mojo's at - but be sure to let us know what you're up to and don't totally leave the running behind.

Like I always think - run whatever makes you happy!

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Oh no! Your HM schedule did look a bit hardcore, I did wonder how you were managing 5 runs per week. Give it a few days eh? Hope you can get the spark back! I sometimes cancel runs I've had "planned" if the legs don't feel recovered. I can't say I enjoy running all the time but the good outweighs the bad at the moment for me. How about a focus on speed instead for a few weeks? Some quick 1 milers or 5k PB attempts? It's something I plan to do after my Tallin marathon as I've "forgotten" how to run fast since c25k!

Hope you csn still contribute on here Pinkie. I look forward to your posts, they're always interesting!

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Whenever your are ready to come back, we will be here for you Pink! A break is always a good idea 👍🏼

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Hope you’re back running and enjoying it again soon, Pink, at whatever level you want to. ❤️

The guy we normally climbed with took up Paragliding, then got bored waiting for suitable beginner conditions, so took up motor paragliding. Now he’s off flying all the time and we barely see him climbing! So, yep, it’s also addictive and time consuming, and seems to result in some interesting injury possibilities... Take care, and enjoy doing whatever activity most appeals! 😊❤️

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Hey pink, I did think you were overdoing it, not the speed, but the distances.....take it easy fella, we’ll be at Wimpole in October, so if you fancy it, and you’re still up for it, let’s meet up then.

Take care of yourself, sometimes, less is more.....

Enjoy your adventures.....🤗


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Enjoy your break - well deserved by the looks of it! Hope the memories of your feet skipping over the ground on a cool quiet day, during less pressurised times, rekindles your love for running. Come back and be happy 🤗 Thanks for all your tips and comments, they’ve been really helpful 😘

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Good luck with the new ventures. We'll see you back rested and rarin' to go again.

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Enjoy your break (but I hope there aren't any breaks... :O ) and hope to see you on here again when you're ready :)

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I'm devasted - what will happen to The Chart?! You know I'm only in it for the ticks.

I have been amazed by you running all those miles and what must be your fab support crew at home. I bet you will get itchy feet again and we'll all be here waiting for your grand re-entrance.

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