An Rfc selfie

An Rfc selfie

I don't usually do this but I thought I should share what I've been doing with regards to my arms and post a picture. There is still a way to go, number one being taking the nice covering away from the muscles so they will look even more defined. I hoping weight watchers will help with that. Before I started I had no tone and I wouldn't wear sleeveless tops.

The reason for the share is it really hasent taken much time each week to get here. A 15 min weights session a week and a 15 min swim session a week and 12 weeks of time. The weights have been a done with a combination of free weights or assisted pull-ups and a swim of 15 min breast stroke swim.

I'm going to set myself a new challenge after my birthday, I think I'm going to try a tick box that adds in abs, my least favourite thing to do so it's going to be interesting to see if I can be as good over 12 weeks with something I don't like as well as when it's an exercise I do like. 😀

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  • Go you! Impressive. :-)

  • Thank you.

  • Wow, they look really well defined !

    Its great when you can see actual results for your efforts, they look really good . Well done you :-) xxx

  • Thank you. I just like the confidence it has brought especially for summer.

  • Yay! Well done you☺. I have also been toning up - it is great to see a bit of muscle definition!

  • Thank you. Well done to you too. I guess my body responds well to slow and steady all round. 😀.

  • Well done RFC. Looking good there ☺

    Would deffo exercise All of you, it just biceps you use your core to a great extent on runs, so I wouldn't shy away from some abs work. Running up hills is good ☺

  • Thank you. I know I really must bite the bullet and go for it. I do hills to an extent as all my runs have to end with an uphill as I live on the top of one. Not good when your shattered😣.

  • Nice pipes RFC! And only 2 sessions a week? I need to get back to the gym.

  • Thank you. I actually did them both in the same day, when I went to the gym! I'm all about time conservation 😀.

  • Looking good rfc. I need to do an abs improvement maybe we should set it up next month as a challenge???!!

  • There is a "push me" forum we were using before that HU started but maybe we could do a core and more weekly chat, that would fit in nicely. Great idea Aliboo.

  • Nice result, rfc! And aliboo70's suggestion sounds like a good idea. My abs could use some training. I would join.

  • It would be good to jolly each other along! We did have the "push it" forum a while back for exercising. But we would get more joining if it was on here i reckon. Its my birthday in october so a sept challenge would be good to be less wobbly by then!!!

  • My running club trainer says a strong core makes a big difference for your running - so it does have something to do with running... we could squeeze it in here, I guess... ;-)

  • Iben, I have recently been unable to run for 4 weeks due to hip pain. Turned out to be poor core stability and I saw a really quick recovery (and I mean within days!) once I resumed core training! I am now a devotee.

  • Wow! What core exercises would you recommend?

  • Thank you, yes I think we will start a core and more chat and maybe get people to sign up, commit to putting their weekly preference in. I know that makes me more accountable but it's flexible enough for everyone to make it their own. I think aliboo70 is on to a good idea there. Thank you to you as well.

  • Wow, get you RFC that's pretty impressive!! I have been working on mine but they are still v puny compared to tours, I need to follow your programme!!!

  • Thank you. Strangely enough I'm working on less is more, I think with HM training and trying to do Stregnth work 3 times a week and lose weight I have been losing quite a bit of muscle. As soon as I've cut the exercise down a bit and distance the muscles have been able to grow. I guess it's true what they say get it out of balance and the only thing you lose is muscle fibre.

  • Wow, Rfc, looking good! Two sessions a week... hmmm - definitely worth doing!

  • Thank you, two sessions but done on the same day. It's been so busy I've just been fitting everything in together.

  • I like the Jillian Michaels DVD's as she tackles the whole body and some of it with weights. If she uses weights it's combined with another move to get more bang for your buck. I did her six weeks abs DVD (which is all-over, not just abs despite the title) and despite thinking I could never do it, I did! It's always worth going for it and seeing how you get on rather than not giving it a whirl

    Have fun!

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