The Joy of Overtaking

I'm in the Bridge to 10k Community because there isn't a Consolidating 5k Community.

But, anyway, I'm happier than Larry (who was Larry anyway?) tonight because:

1) I've found a new (just over) 5k route which starts and finishes at my house and (I live in Perth) it involves crossing the River Tay twice on two different bridges so it's aesthetically pleasing which I do feel is important. It took me nearly 33 minutes but that's progress on C25k week one when I wouldn't have dreamt I'd be doing it at all.

2) It has a hill close to the end which I assumed I would walk up but ran (slowly) up without a problem.

3) I managed a sprint finish at the end. Although I'm 50 and until February of this year I'd not run since school, and although I was totally rubbish at running then too, I do remember I had a sprint finish. I'd forgotten about it till tonight.

4) Getting to the point at last... I've never been sporty but I do know I have the capacity to be competitive at, for instance, Scrabble. When I do Parkrun I'm near the end but I admit - STRICTLY between ourselves you understand - that I get a boost from overtaking someone. So, my thought from my first ever run through the city centre is that it's a great place to enjoy the sensation of overtaking. To be fair, you're overtaking innocent souls ambling from the pub to the chippy, who aren't even wearing trainers and are unaware they're racing you but still, you're overtaking, right? :)

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  • Haha! Funny post. Welcome to the Bridge Community 🤗. You'll fit right in here because most of us are nuts too 😂

  • Along these lines - I turn 70 very soon - I want to get a running shirt (mainly for parkrun) which either says "you are passing a 70yo OAP" or " you are following a 70yo OAP" :)

    Which one should I get??

  • Excellent! I get the aesthetically pleasing bit, and also the bit about overtaking people even though they don't know they're competing :D

  • YES! It took me ages and ages until I was able to pass anyone!

  • Ooh yes, I love to overtake anyone or anything. We all have that little competitive spark. Mind you I don't often get the chance!

  • Doesn't matter who it is, an overtake is encouraging. I did Race for Life recently, nearly settled for 5k but pushed myself to do the 10 even with soreness in my calves. I did some walk breaks but once I got into the swing of it I was plodding quite nicely and overtook many a youngster. This was a little encouragement for me because I had been consistently running but struggling with confidence. I am usually a lone runner so the overtaking is unusual for me, unless it's overtaking a sheep or running past a sparrow sitting in the hedge. I only just manage to overtake dog walkers some days too. Anyway, well done for your speedy running, have you tried increasing distance?