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Run-walking working for me!

Run-walking working for me!

I graduated some time ago, worked up to a once a week long run of 10k (even did a 15k) and then sadly my calves became tight and painful while running. Nearly gave up but wanted to share the benefit of run walking. I was not injured so I wanted to keep going out three times a week still. I did not like run-walking because I felt I had graduated to move away from all that but I had no real choice. I walked for 10 X 2 double paces, ran for the same (just counted to 10 and used my fingers for each set of 10)! I noticed I was still able to cover 5km and that I could feel my calves loosen during walk breaks. It wasn't long before I wanted to maybe run for 150 double paces but I just saw how it went. Glad to report that after a month of this, I am now up to running 5k non stop 3 times a week and on my "long run" of 10k, I do the second 5k as a run walk. I was worried I wouldn't be able to run again without breaks but I noticed my lace on my rip un walks was getting faster and stronger with some sprints so I think it did me the world of good

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With your run/walk - try looking ahead to something some distance away ( maybe a light pole - maybe a trees shadow on the ground) - roughly say 200 metres ahead depending on the terrain right there - run to it and then walk for 60 paces. I did that for a half marathon in 2 hours 28 minutes :)


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