When will my legs let me get on with it?

I graduated some months ago now and built up slowly to doing 10k but over the last few weeks my legs feel achy even on rest days and when I run, a burning in my calves makes me stop. Stretching helps while on the run but I would think ha I g run three times a week,mi should be stronger than this. Not running fast either, just a comfortable pace. How can I sort this out? I do strength and flex exercises every day and that helps with knees but feeling fragile. Help!!

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  • Hi joolie,

    Sorry to hear this....did you manage to try massage or a foam roller? Or a week off from the trails😊

    I know you said you have a 10k in June - have your shoes still got enough wear and cushioning left in them?

  • I have had a lot of problems with my calves - lately I have been wearing long compression socks (medical types) or calf sleeves ( from the running shops) and I now don't seem to be having difficulty. I do feel good when running with my calves tightly supported.

  • Hi Julie, I've been wondering about the difference between long distance running (10k+) and faster short runs (which I tend to do more of because of time constraints). I've been reading around about the different ways your leg muscles develop when doing different types of running, and longer endurance running does sound like it might be a bit easier on the legs, although I'm yet to find out of course, it's all work in progress! So I'm thinking about slowing down and really increasing distance, rather than worrying about 30min 5ks and getting a below 7min average pace etc. I wonder if focusing on slower, longer runs might help you too? Maybe read a bit about endurance vs speed in relation to muscle development?

  • Thank you. When I graduated, from what I read forcing speed improvement was more likely to result in injury. I focused on nice and steady and distance and managed to get to 10k reasonably well. However for no real reason, I am struggling right now with pain and stinging in my calves and after today's run having to stop in pain so many times, I have to conclude I have some sort of injury. Going to drop running for a week and do some cycling instead to see if that helps - grr

  • That is a sound plan.

    When you get back to running, try to insert a "low intensity" week every now and then (let's say every six weeks or so); it might help to prevent the problem in the future.

  • Hey JoolieB1 some good advise from Bazza1234 about the compression socks etc worth trying

    Maybe there is an underlying cause or it could just be your thing, hope it is nothing to hinder your progress and it sorts itself out ☺

  • Hi Joolie, really frustrating for you! Have you considered seeing a physio who specialises in sports injuries? They would be able to have a look at your gait as well and check that there are no issues which might be contributing to the pain in your calves. Hope you get it sorted.πŸ™‚

  • How frustrTing Joolie. Sorry to hear you are still having problems with this. If you have a long soak in a warm bath then massage those warmed up calf muscles, does it help? I think you should get someone to give you an assessment. This will take the joy out of running if it continues.

  • Can't afford to see a sports physiotherapist so will just rest, as long as I am moving somehow. Injuries may come but if I do the right thing, they will also go!!

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