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finally I signed up for a 10 K (BELFAST 10k event on 06/11/2016)

Ok, probably it is not the most exciting of the races out there, but I could not find anything else in the middle of Autumn close to Belfast, so I signed up to a Decathlon running series 10 K. Have you ever done one of those? It looks like it could be a bit of a advertising run, but I look forward to test myself after a few kilos drop (work in progress, for now down from 96 to 89 in a month - aiming for below 78 or less - my BMI borderline overweight is at 78 Kg. - by summer 2017 :).

I have a marathon training going on at the moment (with no marathon at the end cause I cannot run the Dublin marathon ...), but I am straggling in keeping up the miles given the caloric deficit, so I have decided I would still try to keep it up for a month or so but if I cannot I will do speed work and variation and then try a 6 to 8 weeks preparation for a fast 10K on the 6th of November (when young I used to run 10K in 40' for intermediate training, but this November I would be happy with anything below 50').

Any suggestions or training plan to evaluate are welcome :)

I am very Excited for my first 10 K preparation and look forward to it :)

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It doesn't matter if it's an exciting race or not, Marco, at least you are signed up for it! Wow, though, I am super-impressed by your expected time, and that of your previous times :O Which plan are you using at the moment? There are a variety out there. The only one I have experience with is myAsics, and if you've seen any of my posts on here you will know that my experience is varied ! What's your current 10k time? What's the course like? Is it flat and urban or a trail run? Have you run over that type of course before? My last 10k was a very hilly trail run and mostly I run on flatt-ish tarmac, so it was almost 10 minutes slower than normal :D

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Thanks, good suggestion on the course, I didn't think about it... I think it should be mostly road, flat, but could be windy...

The times I am talking about are definitely not expected yet. They are something to aim for in the fast training sessions (which I am planning on Tuesdays), but I should be able to run 5 min per K (my HM time is a bit faster already and I weight less now). I have never run a 10K so no time yet.

As for the plan, I have seen some posts here and got some inspiration, I did use myAsics, but it doesn't agree very well with me (not sure why). I mainly look at runner's world website. I have used their ultimate guide to half marathon (3 different plans for 3 levels), it worked for me so I am trying to get my training plans there. I have my full training plan in my profile at runningahead

At the moment I am building up basis (e.g. miles) following a marathon plan (Dublin marathon) but i won't run the marathon itself. Then from September I will aim to go faster for less miles. The training plan should be here:

thanks for your suggestions



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