Same shoes again?

Is there any reason not to buy the same make and model of running shoe? I had my gait analysed back in December and got some Asics Gel Pulse 7s. I have now done about 700km in them and I'm guessing I am probably due some new shoes. I haven't got a bad word to say about the shoes I have been running in this year (except their smell!) so should I just buy another pair of them or do I need to get my gait analysed again?

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  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Just my opinion for what it's worth :)

  • If you have been happy with them, go ahead and buy again. Now you know what you want you could look for a good online deal. Something you couldn't do last time as you needed your gait analysing. Looking forward to running so much that I wear out my shoes!

  • I think I might just get a different colour!

  • I had a lot of trouble with shoes when I first started, I have a weird little bony deformity on one foot, and running shoes press on it. No other shoes, just runners. When I found something that I could wear I got three pairs! The second and third pair I found on the internet at a bargain price, almost buy one get one free. If you are happy with what you have why change?

  • I'm on the third pair since gait analysis and I tried to change but I always go back. My dilemma will be they have a new improved version and the ones I get now are fading from the shelves do I go one version up next time or get gait anyayisis done? I know I love my "go faster" shoes and don't want to change. I am really considering buying all the last ones in my size when I have spare cash😀.

  • Asics Gels are spiffing. They are my go-to footwear for comfort. As the experts say: "If it ain't broke . . ."

  • If they are comfortable and you have had no injuries, then they sound like an appropriate shoe for you, so why risk something else. Even the newer model of the same shoe may be different and the old model will be bound to be brainer in my opinion.

    If you do change, I always alternate old and new to break myself and new shoes in gradually.

  • I went for a different pair, a while back.. and it ended badly.. knee problem in a bouncing incident! So a bit like Curlygurly2 I got another pair exactly the same, and I interchange them...they are fine!

  • As a result of the compression of the mid-sole, most running shoes have an average life expectancy of about 300-600 miles, so if they still feel good use them for a tad longer..

    I alternate 2 pairs of road running shoes, and also a pair of trail shoes when the trails get slippy in the winter..

  • I'm planning on using the old ones for the muddy-ish parkruns over the coming weeks and try and keep the new ones as dry as possible for as long as possible!

  • I buy the same ones. If you like them, why not 😊

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