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New Trainer Issues


I have finally had my gait analysed and bought some swanky trainers. The assistant asked if I did ballet which I think was a polite way of saying I have duck feet! The shoes felt great in the shop and walking around house but when running, felt heavy and cumbersome. I assume cos of the extra cushioning.

The thing is, today I feel very achy, particularly in my back and hip. Do I persevere with the new trainers, perhaps sticking to short runs for now until I break them in, or have I come away with the wrong shoes?

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Great you got new trainers after gait analysis. Sometimes it just takes a bit of getting used to running in the new ones . I'm no expert just repeating what I've seen on here previously. Good luck. 😊👍

You should post a picture of your new shoes 😊


hi nsfob that sounds a bit worrying, could you ring the shop and have a chat with them? 🤗


Were the new shoes a change from what you had before? If so, then you can expect to feel a few niggles until your body gets used to them in which case I’d give it a couple more short runs and if you’re still aching then contact the shop.

We’re you doing anything else that could have caused the back and hip aches?

notsofitoldbird60minGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

I have lower back problems and hip arthritis anyway. I'm hoping its the shoes correcting my gait and I'm using muscles I wouldn't normally.

IrishprincessGraduate10 in reply to notsofitoldbird

I’d give it a bit longer. Fingers crossed 🤞


What shoes are they?


Asic Gel Nimbus. They are really comfy but feel heavy when I run. Bit like having weights on my feet.

My legs were aching in new places when I got my new shoes. I had a gait analysis and presumed the aching was from the new shoes correcting my gait. After a week or so the aches stopped. The lady in the shop did say to go back if I had any issues, so maybe do that if it doesn’t stop.


I listened to a podcast yesterday with a running coach and he said always breaks new running shoes in really slowly, even when they're the same make and model as the old ones. So initially just walking round the house, then some walking out of the house, a few short ones before even considering anything more. I think it sounds like your body might need time to adjust 🤞


Those are lovely. I am new to actually owning proper shoes and mine are feeling v different but no problems just more solid on my feet. Hope those that actually know stuff can give good advice

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