Answer to a prayer!

Thanks Old Floss! You mentioned bluefin podcasts with music was fun so of I went and found the free podcasts! Then lost them on my phone, I'm such a retard as my girls would say!

Having found the bridge to 10k I downloaded yesterday off I trot for 4 x 10 min runs with a minute recovery walk between. Really good run though trying to keep up with the faster music was a bit silly! Did a pretty slow 4.98k but I haven't run for nearly a fortnight having successfully convinced myself that tomorrow will do! I feel brill and proper motivated to do this. I need the discipline that a measured course gives me. It really good enough on my own. So thanks again Old Floss I'm back on target.

Have to say that the run/walk thing is odd after all this time especially as in the past I've found it hard to start running again when I've walked for a bit. Not a chance with this bright chap snapping "run!" In my ear. But he does cheerily say you are half way but he doesn't say how well you are doing like the lovely Laura. Perhaps he doesn't think I am! Ha! Ha!

I'm enjoying it. After just one run! I feel as though I've started the c25k all over again which in a sense I have!!

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  • Never heard of bluefin

    Odcasts. Is this the bridge to 10k programme oldfloss is putting her broken toe through in the green fields of France?

  • Um podcasts! I don't know where she got them. She mentioned them in a post a day or so ago. Never heard of bluefin either but if you google it about three or four thingys down is a free podcast the others are for the full programme which includes GPS. I use Runkeeper so had a go using these plus RK. Worked really well I thought except their idea of two minutes left and my impression of that are very different....I remember Laura's broken timer!!

  • They are here somewhere in a pinned post, someone kindly put those and the podcasts of Sami Murphy on dropbox for everyone to use. I use both, I prefer Sami - If I ever catch the Bluefin "Little bunny rabbit" I'm gonna make a stew...

  • Oh dear! I thought it was quite annoying too! Perhaps we could get the redoubtable Julie to cook it for us???

  • You've only listened to the first podcast yes? Let me know if the music changes, it seemed to me they played the same songs on every single podcast...I haven't bothered to put it on my new player!

  • Will do! Trouble is I can't run now til Monday as we're off to visit preggie daughter so I haven't forgotten you!

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