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Medication and 10 K target

I am a 43 year old male taking medication for diabetes and high blood pressure, for over a year now - for both. I have begun exercising regularly (6 days a week) for over 2 months now and am managing 8km run daily in 45 minutes. I now consume Galvus met 50/1000 twice daily and Covance 50 once a day. My HB1AC two months back was 7.5. Random weekly measurements are between 120 and 160. Would the aforesaid combination of drugs affect my running activity on the long run?

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Hello, I don't think there would be anybody here qualified to give you that advice. Is there a diabetic nurse specialist you can access. Good luck.

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As said you need to take professional advice re your condition. I would try and think of exercise as influencing your condition rather than the medication limiting your exercise

Assuming you are overweight (otherwise you very unlucky to have both conditions at 43), exercise and weight loss is likely to reduce your requirement for medication and unless you have developed significant complications I'm sure you'll be encouraged to exercise.

8km in 45 min doesn't sound too slow to me


Thanks for the reply.

I had consulted my diabetologist yesterday and he had suggested to go on with this regimen (without any increase in speed) and monitor the conditions for a period of time. Aside from the conditions, he had also suggested to bring down the max heart rate from 165 odd to sub 150 before an increase in speed can be thought of.. Not sure how long this would take.


Maybe run longer but slower to increase general fitness and therefore less stress on the heart!


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