Last week I ran a 9K, not particularly long for me, mostly on the flat, but I finished on quite a steep hill with a little sprint when I got up to a flatter bit. Nothing out of the ordinary really. I felt as I usually do that day, but the next day I felt awful! Like I'd been steamrollered! I ached all over and had no energy at all, like someone had pulled the plug and it had all drained away. I expected to come down with a virus the next day, but, no, I was fine...I was absolutely starving though, just couldn't stop eating...that's rare for me, I have a smallish appetite.

What happened? Did I just overdo it? Not eaten enough before hand? Any suggestions? Anyone else had this happen to them?

I have run since, but it's made me a little wary...

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  • They say that we should have easy weeks every so often - these weeks are much reduced in effort and volume . Perhaps you were overdue for one of these??

  • Funnily enough Bazza, I just read that somewhere, I'd never heard of it before. I've never taken an easy week deliberately, I had a couple over winter when I had viruses/injury etc. I reached the same conclusion, and the temperature has soared here, so it seems a good time to take a step back. Thank you xx

  • Not sure that a week spent fighting infection/injury qualifies as an easy week!

  • Felt the same when I moved from 30 min (4km) run to 45 min (7.5 km). The first two days was hectic and found no energy to interact with my kids. Great dudes - Didn't fret about it. It has been three weeks since then and appears to be fine now. Have been consuming a liter of water 2-3 hours before the workout. It helps.....

    Plan to move to 1 hour mark next week in a gradual manner. Would need help from you to reach this goal... Thanks in advance.....

  • Ive had this too Curly, but have ended up going down with some sort of virus/lurgy :-(

    I have read too that an occasional week off works wonders to recharge the batteries and get your energy back , plus the temperatures you have there have probably played a part , I would think.

    We should have a " Rest and Recuperation " Couch shouldn't we ? :-) xxx

  • Yes! That's a good idea! Do you think a whole week, or just shorter runs?

  • Personally I think a whole week , do you think you would be able to go a week though without running ? :-) If not, the shorter runs would be good xxx

  • I've checked the forecast, it should be a bit cooler on Thursday and on Saturday, so lets see then! I only ran twice last week... you know, it's really the climb back up to my house after my runs that puts the lid on it...

  • If you don't really want "stay home" for a week :) -- you could try just easy walking 30 minutes every day. a 30 minute walk burns off almost the same cals as a 30 minute run - but is a lot easier on heart, lungs and legs.

  • I've been a bit washed out recently too... I'm putting it down to increased mileage (I'm going out running 4 times a week). I did parkrun on Saturday (high intensity) and then a 13.8km run on Sunday (low intensity + walking breaks) and after that I just felt completely wiped out! I'm planning a week off after my 10k race on Sept 11th.

  • I've just read a couple of others here have felt the same after a run, maybe it is a little virus? I haven't done nearly so much recently as I know I'm capable of, about 17K per week, whereas I was doing about 30 - 35K per week over winter, so I don't think I've been overdoing things exactly. Who knows though, what our bodies might deal with one day but not the next? It's a horrible feeling isn't it? I'm really missing my long runs...

    Good luck for your race xxx

  • Thanks!

    I'm doing around 30-35km a week now: basically parkrun plus an interval session and two easy paced runs (one long, one short). Maybe it is a virus... but I also gave blood at the start of the month so I don't think that's doing me any favours!

  • I hopped out for a 7K this morning, so far I feel fine. There are some really weird tiny, tiny insects here this year that bite, my husband has had a bad reaction to them. I've never seen them before - I wouldn't rule them out for my exhaustion...

    Let me know how you get on. xx

  • sounds like you pushed to the limits there !!

    Well done

  • Not really, it was an easy run, that's why I'm confused...

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