Trying something new next week

Next week I am going to put up and pin a post for the whole week.  Then just feel free to add any comments through the week how your runs are going.  Or if your on the IC how you are coping.  I know sometimes we don't always feel like doing a full post but it's good to have a place just to say things like 5km done today and how it felt or sick of the IC. A little bit like we do in the quests in the C25K.

I am hoping this will help bring the community together as we can get a better idea of who is around and share our runs more.

Obviously this doesn't replace posts as we all love reading and commenting on the posts as they are the best.  

Happy healthy running to you all. 

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  • This sounds great RFC. I'm struggling to run at all at the moment. Could do with somewhere to just log in and post where I'm at, and maybe get back in the swing next week. Thanks, I'll look out for it :)

  • What's up Ruth?  That's not like you?

  • I had a yuck stomach bug all week. Plus recent house move, job change etc got on top of me. Need to find whole new set of running routes and routines... You're right it's not like me, want to get back to normal asap!

  • Thats a really lovely idea..... good plan :)

  • Feel free to adopt it if you like.  

  • Great idea:)

  • Great plan RFC, I'll look forward to reading what people are up to.

  • Great idea RFC ☺

  • Great idea. Thanks

  • Yes, I'd like to see something like that.

  • Likin that thought alot ☺

  • Great idea! I haven't been getting time to get to the forums regularly just lately, but this would be a really good way of a quick catch up.  I've had to drop my mileage the last couple of weeks (twinged a knee) but carried on running as I want to beat last year's streak (stupid, I know, but I seem to have worked through it now!). Will endeavour to join in more, promise!

  • Great idea. I'm going to change my plan slightly next week to try to increase my distance as have been doing 5k's for 3 weeks now. Finally did a sub 40 minute today 😀 (39 33) a personal target I'd set myself so now going to focus on distance using the 10% rule.

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